~The Game Pass Thread~

Awesome, thanks so much for the clear-as-day steps. Appreciate it.

One minor point, when you’re applying the three 1 year XBL Gold subs to your account, MS offers to give you 1 free month if you turn auto-subscribe on. Don’t do that. You can’t have over 36 months total and if you do it, you can’t apply the third year.

Pro tip! Thanks!

Lol Stusser is the Game Pass Ultimate wisperer. Hes cost MS millions! Ill be doing this soon just got a notice im about to run out. Thought I had more, oh well.


“Since 2019…”

“Emergency update”

Melissa McGamepass is at it again. Though I don’t think anyone would be terribly shocked to hear that we’re probably getting new Game Pass announcements tomorrow.

Is Ace Combat 7 worth trying before it goes away? I can’t remember the Ace Combat games I tried, but there was one I rented on PS2, and I was bored by it, and then one my brother had on the 360 I think, along with the joystick it came with. And the campaign seemed incomprehensible and the missions were kind of boring.

Keep a watch, Newegg often has a year of XBL gold on sale for fiddy bucks.

I didn’t like what I played of Ace Combat 7, but I’m terrible at those type of games.

It gives you a free achievement for trying the multiplayer mode.

Some of those new/upcoming games have leaked. They’re actually interesting though. I would’ve liked to not be spoiled.

Mystery solved, I guess!

This would be great. I’d thought it was going to be in there earlier, but no time like the present

Yay! I’ve been following Brian’s playthrough.

Nice! Yeah, I figured it would be on there sooner or later, as the team seems to be quite chummy with MS, with Like a Dragon being promoted heavily alongside the Series X launch, and the whole rest of the series already being on Game Pass.

Same. I almost bought it when I got a Series X, but didn’t want yet another game I had paid for showing up on Game Pass, so I held off figuring it would show up sooner or later.

That’s exactly what I got from ace combat 7 - not really my kinda game though, but that’s the joy of gamepass - easy to try games you might never give a glance otherwise

For those interested, Microsoft has their Bethesda stuff thing at we right now.

Not a streaming thing, whole thing is available atm.

Jumping ahead Forza looks nice. Coming to gamepass is @ 1:14

I think their Game Pass slate for 2021 looks really great.

That’s $90, if you paid full-price for game pass. Is that lineup worth $90? Well, there’s nothing there that I would pay full list price for, and many of them are older games. Halo Infinite alone may save it for many people.

Of course at $4.19/month it’s a gimme.