~The Game Pass Thread~

Bounced off of Touryst, because I couldn’t figure out how to bounce off of the bloody umbrella to grab that money on top of the tree. But I quite liked Undermine for a couple hours worth of dying like a peasant levy, and It Lurks is a bit like Terraria for people who need glasses, so that worked out. Was a nice break from the usual Rocket League till I rage quit due to incompetence. My own, or the other players. Either way. :p

Did they take flight sim off or something? It was a day one game pass game, I thought. I know I played it on game pass a few months ago.

It has been on game pass for PC for months. The Series X/S version won’t be on it until July 27.

Ohh, gotcha. Thanks. Didn’t occur to me people were talking about console.

The nice thing about It Lurks Below is that a single purchase gets you an installable copy on both Xbox and PC. I think the saves may transfer back and forth between platforms since it is Play Anywhere, but I haven’t had a chance to independently verify that yet.

I tried it out last night and really enjoyed my initial experience. A fun little 2DTerria-like survival crafter game.

The only stumble I had was with settings. I couldn’t get the game screen just right until I switched from Windowed to Full Screen (but I also have a weird monitor).

I know that, at least for cloud play games, any progress you make when playing on the cloud, if you load that game up on your XBox, the progress syncs up.

It’s really pretty well done and seamless.

I’'m liking Eastshade a fair bit. It’s a walking sim/adventure game (there are some puzzles and some inventory items but it’s all very basic and straightforward) set in a idyllic romantic-era setting with anthropomorphic animals, while the player is a painter who wishes to fulfill your dead mother wishes of visit Eastshade and paint four special places.

The game is gorgeous at times, nailing the atmosphere it clearly wanted to convey. In quests you have to paint several vistas, to give the paintings to your clients. To paint, you need inspiration, that you gain doing quests, visiting new places, talking to special characters, and basically living your adventure in Eastshade.
In the game you ride a balloon, you do psychedelic drugs, search for hot springs, find the mystery of the lost architect, solve enigmas, discover a lost tribe, witness special eclipses and much more.

It was one of my favorite games of that year. It has everything I want out of an RPG and none of the boring combat! I did agree with most of the reviews that there was room for the painting part to be more mechanically interesting, given what a focus it is of the concept.

I either forget doing some of these things or had no idea they were in there!

I really enjoyed Eastshade too. It was like someone took Skyrim and just yanked out all the combat, which is exactly the sort of thing I had been looking for.

I gave it a brief try and came away impressed. I remember a kid jumping off a roof which is always fantastic. But I drifted on to other things and haven’t been back. Thanks for the reminder!

Yeah all Cloud games do this between Cloud and Console. They also sync across PC, but generally only if they’re “Play Anywhere”.

Where did this come from? I must have missed it coming to Game Pass.

Searching this thread reveals:

D’oh! I must have been distracted by the release of Deep Rock Galactic and Celeste that week. And a forum search reveals pretty much only Nightguant praising it in several (unrelated) threads.

Console Flight Sim looking good… few days to go.

Cloud games are basically Xbox Series S games that you’re playing elsewhere, so it makes sense.

Their streaming games supposedly run on XSX now.

Some Eastshade images

It is a wonderful looking game, until you get to the animal people. Ugh I just can’t buy into that.

I think that might be in about the first 4 seconds, so I guess you didn’t play long :)

I found it a bit of a slog myself. Gave up around when I was supposed to be getting into the city near the balloon.

What I don’t like about them is the bad lip syncing.

I do have to demerit the game a bit for all the furries. But it didn’t ruin the game for me.