~The Game Pass Thread~

It does make me wonder because in his intro he refers specifically to UWP games and the challenges it has posed in the past, then launches into how they’re improving it. It sounded like improvements to UWP apps, but it really could mean anything and be just as you say… which would be the status quo? I already can install “modifiable” games that I have full access to the folder and can muck around, install mods, and make changes.

I’d be very surprised if many existing games are opened up, at least for Game Pass. I’m assuming it mainly applies to future releases. Maybe stuff like MSFS where they’re constantly working on it.

Doh!, If only i would have waited. It’s funny I think Karma was trying to spin my way but I ignored it. I tried to order from Costco last night and I guess ordering 3 years of xbox live triggered some type of fraud alert and they just canceled my order with no explanation. I tried again, same thing so I opened a chat 30+ minutes later I’ve got my codes. Now I’m thinking that I was supposed to just say F it and wait until i saw your post today ;-)

The rest of the process worked as expected and I’m good now until 11/24. I was never prompted about a free month for reoccurring but of course they turned it on automatically.

All good, it only cost you fifteen bucks.

too true but damn I’m a Min Maxer at heart. I’ll probably be short $15 for that upgraded sword in the next town.

Okay, so just to double check, I don’t have any active Xbox subscription of any kind. I had a Game Pass sub for a few months maybe a year ago?

If I buy one of the Newegg discounted Xbox Gold memberships for $50, then upgrade my account to game pass ultimate for $1 (using the link in the PC World article several dozen posts above) I will get Game Pass Ultimate for less than$5/month.

If I buy 3 years worth of Gold membership, I can lock that price in for 3 years.


Edit: Correct! Below someone mentions your account must be lapsed to do this dance.

Holy crap, it worked!

That’s correct, yes.

Thanks! I’m surprised that worked.

Yep, that’s it. New or previous but you must be currently lapsed. Apply the gold code(s) for however many months up to 36. Then upgrade to Game Pass Ultimate it will tell you something like Xbox live months will be converted and I think it showed my future date before the next charge before I fully committed.

Awesome, thank you for the detail that you must be currently lapsed. I just joined for a free month, and was about to do the whole deal. I’ll wait a month!

Also, this shit is crazy! I installed 10 games, and have another 10 waiting in my ‘wishlist’. What a remarkable service.

That expire already? I checked a few hours ago and didn’t buy it at $50, but it’s back up to $60 now.

Ok, why exactly isn’t the Skyrim Anniversary edition part of Game Pass?

The only instance I know of where Game Pass has included the expansion/DLC/Ultimate edition of a game instead of the base version is Gears 5, which had the Ultimate edition for Ultimate Game Pass members. Other than that, it’s always been the base game, and then you buy the DLC/Edition upgrades yourself.

This is more of a different beast IMO, more akin to a remaster release. It’s a graphics update to a 10 year old game.

Ok, it has expansion packs included still, I think it’s another odd call from Microsoft following still selling Early Access while promised Day 1 first part on Game Pass.

From what I understood from the new Skyrim thread, there’s a bunch of stuff that got added to Skyrim Special Edition, (so that’s part of game pass), and then there an addition 40 curated mods that are also added to the anniversary edition if you pay for the $20 upgrade. So the graphics/fishing/other updates to Skyrim Special Edition are indeed free.

The Xbox app for Win10 continues to be crappy. Installs/downloads initiated from it aren’t showing up/matching/reflecting in the MS Store downloads queue and do or don’t start depending on the whim of unseen forces.

I had that weird won’t start thing too. I was like, “I swear I clicked that!”

It’s amazing how garbage the app is.

Seriously. Microsoft is a total conundrum. They make some really great stuff, difficult stuff, but then totally whiff on the most basic of things. I know it’s a very large company and all but I don’t understand it.

It’s why I’ve had a love/hate relationship with their gaming division since the very beginning. For all they got right with Xbox (and PC) over the years, there are all these other things they got so completely wrong that it’s honestly grating how badly they cock it up.