~The Game Pass Thread~

Really? That’s actually not so bad. I’m used to spending dozens of hours in these things (failing over and over, of course).

It’s an indie game (and it shows, just a little), so they didn’t have the resources to make it sprawling.

I tried Mortal Shell a couple of times, and it never really worked for me. Didn’t gel with the whole ‘hardening’ gameplay thing, and those extremely well-hidden bear traps that blend in with the environment everywhere made me furious! :D

Oh god, the bear traps. Yeah, those sucked, but you could bait enemies into them, too.

I just fired it up on y’all’s recommendation and the basics are strong. Looking forward to more, particularly b/c I’m ready for something new; I’ve been playing DS again on my Switch and the 30fps and the total familiarity I have with the first 1/2 of that game makes me happy but a little itchy for newness.

The first time I was ejected from my shell and then got back in was pretty cool.

Game Pass or PC for $14.99 for three months. Half off.

Says $20 for me.

Newegg does have the same $20 deal with a $5 promo code, though.

Same for me - $20.

These are on the Xbone side, too (and both Series X|S enhanced, as well). I started the tutorial for BWL this morning and it seems pretty neat. Very chill, as they say, for a civ-style game. Seemingly very micro-focused, and very ‘friendly’ play. I’m digging it.

Well, I guess it may have been a Lightning Deal or they goofed? I definitely got it for $15. @Stepsongrapes


Does the code on the card expire or I can just sit on it indefinitely?

I don’t think they expire. YMMV of course. I’d use it within a year or two.

Anyone here played that game Exo- something? Played a bit tonight-- pretty trippy.

It reminds me of Flower in how chill it is.

Though I couldn’t figure out how to get into the transporter on the volcano/fire planet. I’ve heard the next one was neat so maybe I’ll give it another shot.

Generation Zero has sneaked onto Game Pass without prior announcement.

Speaking of sneaking things onto game pass.

I had no idea we had access to these on Game Pass for PC, through EA Desktop:

Including Crysis Remastered.

I haven’t tried EA Desktop again since they became part of Game Pass, and back then it was a complete mess and I uninstalled it. Has it gotten better? Anyone tried it more recently?

I played through Titanfall 2 on EA Play and thought the client was less of a mess than the PC Game Pass app.

Swedish teens fight alien invaders!

My current obsession is Lonely Mountains: Downhill, although it requires serious patience and concentration, and resisting the urge to throw the controller across the room.

Alien invaders you say?

Woo! Holding off on buying stuff pays off again.