~The Game Pass Thread~

That list of games leaving is nice this time around. All short stuff we can quickly decide if we like or not. I didn’t even come close to finishing Yakuza 0 & KH3 last month. :/

I fired up Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator on my phone and ended up playing it for a few hours instead of sleeping. Highly recommend just for the weirdness.

I think Outer Wilds might be more challenging for motion sickness sufferers. Lots of spinning round in your little space ship :)

Yeah, Toms review of Codevein had me interested so I fired it up on Gamepass and realized very quickly that it wasn’t for me.

That’s the beauty of the service: whether I play some thing for 5 minutes, 5 hours, or 50, it’s all good. And I had the same reaction to Code Vein.

This place still has 3 months ultimate for under 18, about 6.33/month. Topped off until the end of 2022 recently.


See, that’s how they get you as well.

Free game to play, score, consumer!

With the inability to stick to one game at a time (thank you Massive Backlog plus GP (my God, it’s full of games!), set game aside for “later”.

Later comes and that game is gone from GP. Purchase game. Point, MS.

Oh my gosh. I am an idiot.

I thought Game Pass was Xbox exclusive, and I don’t have one.

Game Pass is also ON PC. GAME PASS IS ALSO ON PC!

Somehow this totally eluded me until today. Why am I even dinking around pausing Humble every month? GAME PASS IS ON PC!

Haha, welcome aboard!

The thread title once mentioned PC, but no longer does.

For two years and a half, this thread was called Game Pass PC thread, because it was done in the time the pc version was created, to annouce it. More exaclty, they put Metro Exodus on it, so you could play a recent and desired $60 game for $1 (with the trial month), which at the time it was pretty big news, that’s why the thread was done, so people wouldn’t miss it.

But after 2.5 years, I thought everyone should know it’s on PC

Hahaha, yes, as noted, the evidence clearly indicates I am an idiot.

Extraction and the other new xbox games are showing up.

Had to link my Ubi and Gamepass accounts. 53 GB for Extraction.

I’m having a blast right now with the cloud stuff, there are a bunch of games that play great, that I can’t play on my current system. Given the pain and expense of trying to find a new graphics card right now, being able to play a ton of games with no download, and no hassle for 15 bucks a month is pretty much heaven. I can sub to GP for 10 years, for the price of a graphics card right now.

I welcome our new streaming overlords.

XCloud is still controller only, right? That really bums me out, as I love my mouse and keyboard.

I’m currently using GeForce Now for the same reason.

I’m missing some of the games I have on GamePass though, and would be happy to be able to play them on XCloud, if they would just give me damn mouse and keyboard support on the PC.

Playing on xCloud has been great. I’ve been playing stuff on the cloud on my living room Xbox One unit from 2013. It plays the series X version of games, with fast loading and much smoother frame rate than the native Xbox One version. Plus even the lag is less than the input lag on the Nintendo Switch controllers. With the Switch, I have to press the jump button and wait for Mario to jump, like almost a second it feels like. But on xCloud, it’s less than that.

Well, it also supports touch controls on some games for your phone. But yeah, they’re running XSX code.

If you want to stream PC games, use GeForce Now. It works great. But you need to own the games you want to play, it isn’t Netflix.

Oh yeah, that’s exactly what I’m doing. But I also have GamePass for PC, but currently my gaming machine is down and I wish XCloud would let me just browser those with M+K.

Yep, that would be cool, but no dice. All xCloud stuff runs on XSX.

Dammit. I installed the full Hitman Trilogy on my crappy PC this morning because it didn’t appear under the Cloud menu. I assumed it must be PC-only. Turns out once I started up the installed version, it offers the ability to play again on the Cloud menu, even though Hitman still doesn’t show in the main Cloud stuff.

As much as I like Game Pass, the app could use some work.

I blame Microsoft for originally calling it “XBox Game Pass for PC”. At first I thought it was some kind of crappy app to manage your XBox Game Pass experience or something.