~The Game Pass Thread~

Hell yes!

Does Sunset Overdrive get better? I played maybe an hour or two of it on the Series X and it just didn’t grab me.


Has anyone tried Nongunz: Doppelganger Edition?

Were you able to make heads or tails of the images? What is going on in that game? How do you tell where you’re supposed to go, or what the interface stuff means, or where you’re supposed to walk, or in the cryptic UI filled with mysterious icons, how to quit the game?

(I couldn’t figure out any of it, so I cheated and used Alt-F4).

It could be a good roguelike, if I understood or could see anything.

I tried it and did basically the same as you.

Yup, same experience.

There were two places you could go with arena wave battles, but I wasnt good enough to see where that went.

Hadn’t heard of it, but sounds interesting so I’ll check it out.

If Sniper Elite 5 is throwing you an error when you when you press Play in the mini-launcher, create a desktop shortcut and run it as Administrator.

Hey, Chorus (or CHORVS or whatever) is coming, I’ve been meaning to check that out! Folks will probably be stoked about the Ninja Gaiden Master Collection as well -

Have you recently finished Elden Ring, but thought there wasn’t enough jumping and katanas? Well, you’re in luck!

As far as I know they still haven’t dropped a 60 FPS patch for Origins. I’m assuming that will happen when they drop it next week. I will try and actually finish it this time. I don’t think I’ve ever finished and Assassin’s Creed game. Always get burnt out on the checklists.

Yes, looks like the 60 FPS patch is coming as well -

Origins might ‘include’ the remastered AC3. IF Ubigames came to Gamepass… my head might melt.

Nice! Yeah, the Ninja Gaiden collection is a good addition. And I remember Disc Room looking neat too.

I almost bought Chorus in the last two sales. Only the bad reviews kept me from pulling the trigger. Phew! I still wanted to check it out despite that, might still be my type of game.

Nice Thursday. I have a million other things to play, but I will certainly go back to that soon. My favorite of the modern games by far. The main character is awesome. The combat has some weight to it and I felt the wildlife was way more immersive than the other two.

I’m not going to start this game all over again but I really liked Origins. Bayek is one of the more likeable protagonists of the series, and the game tells a good story of the “origins” in question. Of course then Ubisoft went and bungled it by setting the one that came after it hundreds of years before…

I think of all the Assassin’s Creed game worlds, I’ve enjoyed exploring Origins’ ancient Egypt the most. But I just personally find that era and region personally fascinating, was really cool to get to explore some of the pyramids too.

60 FPS on AC Origins? Yes! Been waiting for this one.

I never focused on FPS before, but with more titles being available at the higher frame rates it has become more noticable, especially in games that struggled to hit 30 previously. I realized that a lot my motion sickness came from lower frame rates in certain games.

I really hope they do this for AC Syndicate as well, want to get back to that one.

Its all anecdotal obviously, but I bounced hard off of Egypt and Greece and only really got back into AC with Valhalla. Not sure if it was just that I needed to give the series a break or if it was down to the settings).

Greece is just too generic for me. That’s actually probably accurate, but it doesn’t make for an interesting place to explore for me. I really need to give it another go at some point as so many love it, but it just seems lifeless compared to Origins.