~The Game Pass Thread~

BF2042 should be on gamepass through EA Play really soon. I think it was supposed to be with the release today of season 3. They have done a lot of work to improve things with bf2042, and recently said there will be content beyond season 4 which most people thought would be the end of it since that was their last obligation to the people that paid for year 1.

There was a recent surge of BF1 players with a sale in steam.

Edit: The web page shows it being there now.

I played a bit on my Series X today. Definitely scratches that BF itch, but I’m not sure how much better it is than BF1 or BFV. I like the customization in there now (especially like changing scopes on the fly). I understand why people don’t like the different characters, they don’t really add anything that couldn’t have been done with a class system (except maybe sell more skins, lol).

The Portal modes look cool, but it looks like a lot of servers were just set up for XP farming.

For those who play this, what game mode do you prefer? I played a lot of BFV and BF1 Breakthrough and it kind of got stale after a while.

Ok, for someone who hasn’t played a BF game in at least a decade, do any of these games have a decent single player campaign?

Not really. BF1 and BFV have some single player content, but they arent really that fun IMO. Both games have a number of short single player “campaigns” that show off a lot of the multiplayer mechanics. But I don’t think the narratives are very interesting and the core gunplay in BF is not as good as CoD.

It’s worth playing through for the very good price of free.

BF4 is the last one with a real campaign. There are some smaller scenario type things in BF1 and BFV called War Stories (I think), and nothing at all in BF2042. A new studio was just set up that is either working on a separate game that is a single player narrative in the BF universe, or the campaign for the next BF game.

BF1 is probably better. It will be interesting to see how the class system works out when it gets introduced with the 3.2 patch. To me the biggest problem now for BF2042 is the same there was with BFV which is the lack of content. The number of maps you could play on BF4 probably dwarfs the combined map count of the two games. I kind of like the specialists with their different playstyles, so hopefully they keep some of that with the move to the class system.

Twelve months of XBL Gold for $49 at Newegg (sold by Newegg):


I think my gamepass expires in 2 months. I wonder if I should risk picking that up in anticipation of it expiring. I guess if that haven’t stopped allowing that conversion now they probably won’t in the next couple months.

Does this work with PC?

Not for PC Game Pass, but for Game Pass Ultimate, which does include PC Game Pass as well as Xbox Game Pass, and Xbox Live Gold, and EA Play for Xbox.

You can’t have a current subscription to PC Game Pass, wait for that to run out first. Then apply this 12 months of Xbox Live Gold (up to 3 years). And then convert it all to Game Pass Ultimate for $1. (if you’re doing it for the first time. On subsequent times, you’ll pay $15 to convert).

Tinykin is just so wonderful. It really fires up my imagination and my son’s. He doesn’t need the help since he’s 5, but I do. The other day we got to the part where I floated Milodane to the top of a ceiling fan and my son loved it so much, every day since then he’s asked me to put some of his toys on top of our ceiling fan in the living room, and then he goes and switches the fan on and watches them fly off.

We’re going to break something, but we both feel pretty giddy about it.

It’s got a great look and a great gameplay loop, but I think why I really love Tinykin is that it just wants you to see and do all the fun things without putting some great challenge or barrier in the way. Sounds like a lot of fun to play with a young kid.

Is there something special you need to do to allow other family member’s profiles to make use of Game Pass Ultimate on the xbox? My daughter is trying to play Terraria with a friend, and it isn’t allowing her. I have multiplayer allowed in the xbox privacy settings for her profile and it is set to teen, so I’m not sure what is causing it to say she can’t join a multiplayer game.

Edit: I guess Game Pass itself is working since she can play single player, so it is just some flag somewhere blocking her from playing multiplayer.

It’s set as your home Xbox right?

Yes, and for her profile as well.

Check this link:


And maybe this link:


Thanks. It was something like the series x equivalent of that first link, and looks like it should work now or at least I was able to click on multiplayer with her profile and have it no longer complain. We’ll see how it goes next time she goes to play with a friend.

At account.xbox.com, under privacy with her account selected I had to set the following to everyone instead of just friends:


Now seeing howto articles in paper magazines, like it’s 1997. It’s amazing MS is still letting people do this.

Yeah, I noticed that when I google Xbox Live Gold to Ultimate conversion rate, I no longer get the microsoft article about the conversion rate, instead I get told it’s 1:1, and the whole first page of search results is articles about how to do this trick.

I should note though, that despite this Game Pass numbers on Xbox don’t seem to be growing anymore (even though they are growing on PC). Speaking of personal experience, when I tell my Xbox Live Gold friends about this, they always murmur something about having enough subscriptions and they don’t want more subscriptions.

Expect them to grow with Holiday bundles again, if they are doing that again…