~The Game Pass Thread~

It’s mostly the same game, maybe new monsters and maps? It’s going to have an expansion pack coming out soon, I believe.

There is the addition of a few different mechanics. There’s a fortress defense mode, and a new thing that lets you customize weapon move sets which is cool.

For instance, I always run the charge blade.

Normally, there’s a mechanism where you can do various moves and charge up the shield, then use that to charge up the sword. This new mechanic let’s you choose to swap out the thing that charges up the sword, for a move that instead morphs into axe mode and turns the head into a spinning chainsaw. Each weapon has numerous move switches that let you customize how you use it, which is pretty cool.

I found this pretty funny as it took me something like four years to finish Full Throttle after I couldn’t get through the minefield the first time I played it.

2 days before I can do the conversion gambit. Hopefully they don’t announce killing it at developer direct tomorrow. :)

I played Full throttle in 2001 or 2002. It was old by that point and I got it for $5 at half-price books. I didn’t have a TV for the previous 3 years so I was really starved for narrative content. It was the first adventure game I played where if I ran into a puzzle I couldn’t solve, I immediately went to Gamefaqs and looked up the solution instead of trying to bang my head against it. Like I said, I was starved for narrative content and didn’t want anything to interrupt the story. I loved it, but it is still the shortest game I’ve ever played, I think.

And it’s not off topic, because Full Throttle Remastered is on Game Pass! I recommend it. If you get stuck, look up the solution! :)

Full Throttle, Day of the Tentacle and Grim Fandango are all on Game Pass and still totally worth checking out.


Weren’t folks trying to argue that gamepass subscriber growth had slowed or something?

Slowed growth still results in new highs. That’s how math works.

Were they near 120M users then?

I thought they only had 25-30 million Game Pass subscribers? How are they counting 120 million?

From our own forums, apparently back in the beginning of last year, they were around 25M active users, and brad was saying they had already captured all their likely users and so subscriber growth was slowing.

There has to be some odd wording here that we aren’t getting- ‘active users’ instead of ‘subscribers’ like they’ve said before.

“The platform”, IE Xbox, had 120m active users, not Game Pass.

This is what MS themselves have been saying after missing their growth targets for two years in a row. But good job getting suckered by the “monthly active users” figure which has nothing to do with actual subscribers. Full marks!

They actually didn’t have the best quarter. All gaming is down, including the section where Gamepass is:

Worth noting that if you own Rare Replay then this will be added to your library free of charge.

I do own Rare Replay on disc. But it is nice having it on game pass too, for not having to look for the disc. Yay.

I wonder how different Goldeneye will play compared to my memory of it. Definitely the game that completely changed my perception of console gaming completely. I used to be PC gamer only. Wing Commander, Star Control, Prince of Persia, Heroes of Might and Magic 2, Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, Descent, etc. And then Goldeneye came along and showed that not only could consoles do first person shooters. They could do them better than on PC. It blew my mind. Soldiers who got shot in the foot who hopped around on the other foot? Soldiers who got shot in the arm grabbed their arm in pain? What? Why wasn’t this done on shooters on the PC?

TBH, with vaccines allowing people to get out of their houses and the end of work from home for so many people, this is rather expected.

Yup, this. All those down figures also say -right in line with guidaance’- i.e. this was expected and normal.

OMG I am going to play the fuck out of that!

My boy asked me to fish my N64 out of the attic the other day and I jokingly said ‘Why? You won’t even know how to play Goldeneye!’ :D