~The Game Pass Thread~

I had trouble going back to Goldeneye too. The Jungle level was the end for me.

It had been removed.

We always played control scheme “C” or 3, I believe, which had the yellow C buttons as the equivalent of WASD, and the stick for aiming like with a mouse.

But yeah, I’m glad I’ll be able to play it with a modern dual stick scheme now.

I do want to try out Telling Lies before it leaves. For it be “very short”, do you recommend having a playthrough handy? Or will that spoil the game experience?

I don’t even know what a walkthrough for Telling Lies would look like. It’s kind of like the old Ultima games where you’d have a conversation and they’d say something interesting, so you’d ask about that keyword to further the conversation. Except in this case, you’re picking out key words from videos you watch and put them into a search engine for more videos. It is an interesting game though, as are Her Story and Immortality from the same dev.

I did that for Her Story, and after 20 minutes I ran out of ideas on what to search for next. The clips I watched up to that point weren’t all that interesting, so I never went back. Maybe if I’d looked up what search terms to look for next, I could have gone forward?

It’s basically the same deal, just a little bigger. Like there are multiple characters and storylines to follow through Telling Lies, as opposed to Her Story’s one character and story. So I mean, you’re not going to find a drastically different experience. Immortality is pretty different, at least in how to play it, though you’re still kind of sifting through audiovisual clues.

edit: I will add though, I never really felt like I reached a conclusion with Her Story, where I did feel like things drew together and came together much better in Telling Lies. There were a couple of moments that actually kind of shocked me in that game. So I guess I could say that Her Story did kind of feel like a trial run for Telling Lies, though I think a lot of people prefer the earlier game.

Yes, definitely… I eventually realized that there was this alternate scene, which I definitely must have used back when I played the game originally, because the default control scheme is unusable.

But when I first tried it recently, and the default control scheme kicked in, I was “wtf is happening?”

I’m glad to see my Goldeneye contrarianism is gaining support. It was a valiant attempt at a console shooter for the time, and I played the hell out of it at uni with friends, but it’s objectively bad compared to half a dozen contemporary PC games and their mod scenes.

Lol, it was like that back in the 90s too. PC gamers thought console gamers were crazy for their love of it. There is one thing that Goldeneye has that PC FPS games lack however : split-screen multiplayer. We used to play the hell out of it back then.

The campaign I could take or leave, though it does have memorable parts.

I’m up for a rose-tinted look back at Goldeneye through Game Pass but I doubt it’ll hold my attention for more than 15 minutes.

Goddamn I had some great times playing that game, solo and with friends. There’s a cigarette burn on our old coffee table (now in my mother-in-law’s living room) from when my dumb friend Mike left it burning during an intense Goldeneye match.

And speaking of gaming stories with my dumb friend Mike, I had one of those weird, ergonomic office chairs that you kneel on at my PC desk. Mike came over to play Doom for the first time and when an imp jumped out and startled him with a fireball to the face, he jerked back so hard the chair tipped over and he went flat on his back. It was the funniest thing that ever happened.

I remember playing in the library, and one guy picking the snow trooper that had the same texture as was on the walls, so when the rest of us killed him we would unload as many bullets into his body as possible to make him covered in blood and wouldn’t blend in.

Well said; I share your sentiment.

And Xbox live → Gamepass conversion done. It was a bit picky and took the first code, but refused the o take any more until a few hours passed. In the end though it took all 3 and did the conversion. So gamepass is all set until Jan 2026.

I agree, I just finished Telling Lies last weekend and it is a good progression from his first game… as is Immortality to TL. And I want to commend the idea of games leaving gamepass, forcing me to play games! Its like shows/movies leaving streaming services! I really dont think i would have played this game otherwise (well i think i would have after having played immortality). Great game though, it has alot of interesting ideas to keep players interested and how he tailors dialogue w/ mystery box narrative. You really want to know whats happening!

Good news, baseball fans. In case you don’t want to click the link, MLB The Show 2023 will be on Game Pass on launch day, March 28.

I think I said this in another thread…but one of the control schemes for Golden Eye was called ‘domino’, you could use 2 controllers, and I think it was the first implementation of dual analog…Once you set it up right, it played pretty much like a modern controller. I put so much time into that game between couch multiplayer, and trying to beat it with perfect runs, amazing game for the time.

That’s crazy. I wish i were younger, The Show is such a great franchise, and there’s a part of me that likes those “Road to the Show” campaigns, but jeez, it’s almost real time in length. I can’t devote dozens or hundreds of hours simulating a career… i’ll just spend hundreds of hours… in a career. :/

It sucks that they axed the carryover franchise saves a few years back. I was so happy when it was put back in. It caused so many issues with licensing and bugs that I get why it was removed, but darn it! I greatly prefer the PS5 controller over the Xbox one, but not 70 dollars more. So Xbox again it will be.


  • Besiege (still early access)
  • Infernax
  • Last Kids on Earth
  • Recompile
  • Skul

Next time:

  • F1 2020

Infernax is cool. I didn’t play it much, but I’ll go back to it for sure this week. Don’t want to play any of these? Total Warhammer 3 is probably up next.

Humble Choice app is losing games too in two weeks for those us with both subscriptions.