~The Game Pass Thread~


  • Besiege (still early access)
  • Infernax
  • Last Kids on Earth
  • Recompile
  • Skul

Next time:

  • F1 2020

Infernax is cool. I didn’t play it much, but I’ll go back to it for sure this week. Don’t want to play any of these? Total Warhammer 3 is probably up next.

Humble Choice app is losing games too in two weeks for those us with both subscriptions.

Bear in mind that they usually cycle in the “new” ie one iteration behind game when one leaves.

pretty sure I saw Crossfire was leaving also.

I fired up a couple old things yesterday for the first time.

Edge of Eternity was interesting. It’s not great (yet?), but interesting. Tactical open-world RPG with a kitchen sink of features. You will have to play the entire hour-long intro before you can save. Got a diamond achievement for finishing the first quest.

Immortality … less said the better. Recommend checking that out :)

Yup. That one isn’t on PC.

I just remember Crossfire getting really bad reviews. Probably best left unplayed. The curation on Game Pass is generally very good. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the worst reviewed Game Pass game.

Anyone try Inkulinti yet?

I’ve been holding off since it’s marked as early access, but am definitely keeping an eye on it.

I played the demo a couple of months back during the last Demo Fest. It was a lot of fun. No idea how much more is in the new Game Preview version, or what still needs to be added.

Isn’t Game Preview simply Microsoft speak for Early Access? I figure if you read the EA description on Steam you would have an idea as to what the game is lacking and/or what will be added in the near future.

Yeah, that’s exactly what it is, but I never bothered looking it up on Steam. Plenty of things in Preview on GP have been fun, though, like TABS. I’ll probably load up Inkulinati sooner rather than later.

I dont know who does the curating for GP, but pretty much everything they have on GP has been well worth playing. Even the family games like the Disney Farmville game is worth it!

Yeah, the curation is so good and seems to only be getting better.

Except for CrossfireX and a few exceptions, of course. The recent Gungrave also got really poor reviews, so I stayed away from that too. But considering that they chose most of these games early in development when it’s hard to judge how the games will turn out, they have a really good eye.

After reading that, I have to give this a try.

It’s definitely worth checking out of you haven’t. It’s a very cool game, but definitely brutal.

Please come back and let us know how your new keyboard is, after you smash your current one into oblivion!!

Things that joined in March 2022 that I’m slightly worried might leave in March 2023:

  • Tunic
  • Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

I started both games, both seem good but wasn’t in the right mood to tackle them at the time. I should tackle them soon. Just in case.

I agree about Tunic… I want to play that before it goes away, or at least give it a proper try.

I own Guardians of the Galaxy on Steam so there’s no time pressure if it leaves, but I wish I didn’t. Leaving Soon is great for motivation and I could use some. I stalled out on GotG around the 7 hour mark. Nice graphics and story but the gameplay is kind of just there.

4 previews here. Three of games I was already looking forward to, and one that I didn’t remember. (A first person Mech farming game?)

I’d go with this one. While Tunic seemed cool and I enjoyed it for a little while, I just stopped enjoying it and moved on. The gameplay isn’t great in Galaxy, but those characters are so good.

I love Guardians of the Galaxy, it’s like Mass Effect with worse combat. I mean, if you’re into combat maybe skip it because it’s fairly forgettable, at least until you get further in and develop more skills and strategies but early going is pretty basic. But I had a blast ripping around the galaxy getting into trouble.

I’m weighing whether I want to play Tunic or not. My understanding is that it has Souls-like combat which is a big turn-off for me, but that you can turn on invincibility or something to mitigate that. So … dunno yet.