~The Game Pass Thread~

My conclusion: You must have done it for the achievements. Hmmm, I do need 3 achievements in the next two days for my weekly Xbox rewards thingie if I don’t want to lose my 180 week streak. So maybe I should fire this up. I hope the achievements come quick though.

Not much point trying MLB, unless you really want to play with old rosters, as the new one will be on the service imminently.

I played A Memoir Blue, a pretty short walking-sim/visual novel type thing. I think it took me 1-1/2 - 2 hours to get through. It’s very pretty to look at, there’s some simple puzzles and then, yeah, a bunch of achievements if that’s your thing.

Been meaning to play Chinatown Detective Agency, so I guess that’s my next Gamepass game.

I generally don’t play games just for the achievements, it’s an odd point of honor for me, I realize. But it’s entirely possible I was looking at the end of the month and needed to hit my points for MS rewards. I’ve swallowed my pride for that more than once.

I finished Atomic Heart the other day, and then was looking at the achievements for it last night. It seems that at least two of them didn’t trigger- the end game ones. I really wouldn’t care, but sometimes my brother and I get competitive over them when we’re playing the same game at the same time (the Vampire Survivors competition was pretty great).

Double Dragon Neon -
Didn’t finish, but I thought the music and art were pretty cool. Starting this up will give you a 1 point achievement so maybe don’t play if anyone cares about keeping those numbers perfect.

Clustertruck -
It’s a fun idea. Worth playing a little bit, but can quickly become frustrating. There’s also additional seasonal levels hidden away in a menu.

Power Rangers -
It’s okay. Tag team 2D fighter similar to Marvel vs Capcom etc. I only played arcade modes, but I’m going to revisit the story section. Most of the cool characters are locked behind DLC.

I’ll try the ones no one mentioned yet and report back.

Apparently Contrast is a good one for easy achievements, and it will satisfy the “Powerful Women in Gaming” punch card for 500 points as well. I am installing it right now for that very reason.

I played that last week. It’s a little “janky” as I believe the kids say these days.

I played a little bit of Kraken Academy!! over the weekend.


  • It’s got really over the top anime-looking characters


  • It’s amusing so far
  • Woah, holy shit, I just got a time amulet and apparently this is a repeating time loop story? That’s one of my favorite subgenres of fiction!

My only really big concern is that if the characters are these weird over the top anime characters that I have no desire to get to know, then maybe I won’t enjoy even a time loop story for the first time? The whole thing with a time loop story is that you get to know characters really well within that time loop. Hmmm, I’m tempted, but at the same time, not tempted to continue.

(I did get the achievements I needed within the game this week).

That don’t confront me
Long as I get my cheevos by next Friday

Yep. Contrast was an early PS+ game back in the early days of the PS4. It was so janky that I was not tempted to return to it after trying it one time.

But at least now you know it’s possible to get three achievements out of it in like 5 to 10 minutes!

So I started playing Valheim, and I’m not sure how long I’m gonna stick with it, but I’ll give it a few days.

I had thought it was an MMO, but I guess it’s not? The fact that it’s essentially a single player game, but still has graphics on par with 2005 games, seems kind of weird.

I didn’t immediately realize that after I created a hammer, I could build other more complex stuff. I was wandering around in the wilderness. I quickly found some place where I guess I’m supposed to summon a monster to fight, but given I have no real weapons or armor other than a stone axe, that seems mistaken.

I did eventually make a hammer, and then built up some stuff.

Night-time kind of sucks… because it’s super dark, with no ability to adjust the gamma. Not really feasible to do anything. Trying to find stone for crafting in the dark is a fool’s errand.

I did finally build up a little shelter, workbench, and bed, so now I can sleep through the night, which I’m hoping will make things better.

Yeah, it’s not an MMO it’s a multiplayer survival and building game (that you can play single player) in the vein of Conan Exiles and…Ark, maybe? CE is the only other game like it I’ve played (also on game pass and fun).

To be fair, I think Valheim is much better with a few folk to play co-op with. While away the nightime hours talking shit to each other while you are building your dream base.

Or just roleplay feeling small and alone at night in viking hell.

I had played Conan Exiles some, and bounced off it… Likely this will be similar, but I’ll give it a shot.

Then you might give Omensight a try if you haven’t already.

You can craft a torch for nighttime, I believe. Also, per videos I’ve seen, in the starting area there are some broken down houses that you can fix up once you build your workbench. Also (and people with more experience can correct me) once you have a small house built with a door you can sleep the night away quickly and get back to daylight.

When you’re cutting down trees larger than saplings, make sure they don’t fall on you (I saw a guy–an experienced guy at that–do that because the physics made the felled tree interact with other stuff that was around and it fell on him and killed him).

And you can light goblins on fire with it!