~The Game Pass Thread~

I know I’ve said this before but I think it bears repeating - if you keep up with daily tasks in Microsoft Rewards, you won’t ever have to pay for Game Pass at all.

looks like it costs 14K for the pass, you can easily earn that in a month?

It could be done, how easily that turns out to be is probably going to be up to you.

I’m not familiar with the rewards program. I guess I wasn’t sure what time investement was necessary each day to keep up with the daily tasks.

The daily tasks only take a few minutes but the payout is relatively low. You’ll probably get a few hundred points per day. But it’s worth keeping an eye out for periodic quests that pop up - not just on the website, but you can also earn points by playing certain games. Those change periodically, but you can see some of them here :

Keep up with this thread to play along with us. We’ll let you know when some of these things go on sale as well, so they’re even cheaper. See my posts in that thread lately to find out the conversion rate. I believe it’s best to buy a year of Xbox Live Gold when it goes on sale for 22500 points, which gets you 4 months of Ultimate. If you’re not on Ultimate, then I think the price on the other things go on sale occasionally too.

Daily time investment is minimal once you get used to it. Tip: for searches, use numbers. I started typing in random zip codes and then just increasing or decreasing one at a time. It’s fast, and it’s actually really fun. There’s some zip codes that really surprised me, like one in New York State that I looked up recently where most of the zipcode is in a lake.

Were there errors?

Yes. For one of the games it let me say yes to permissions, but then it didn’t let me synch. For the other, it couldn’t communicate with the server even for the initial permission. It seemed like I could still play in both cases, it seemed? But yes, in both cases it gave me an error.

What’s doubly strange is Supermarket is a PlayAnywhere game, and it’s pretty new. It should have been able to synch and then continue my save exactly where I left off on the Xbox.

Thanks. Just wanted to rule it out being my end and being something broken in their apps/games.

A Plague Tale is up on MS Store just not advertised in the Xbox app.

Requires 41.8 GB to install:

Thanks, rei! Weird how some games show up on the store first.

That’s a big download but it’s supposed to be worth it!

It’s a good game, def worth it. Gameplay is basic, but atmosphere and storytelling is great.

Fun Fact: The studio that made A Plague Tale, is the same studio working on the new Flight SImulator (Asobo).

Just downloading Gris. Gamepass is great. Now if only MS un-encrypted the game files. Come on. You know you want to.

Fishing Sim World Pro Tour is 57GB install
Sea Salt is 1.2GB install
Wasteland Remastered is 500MB (feb 25 though)

Dirt Rally 2.0 does not work. It works once, but after PC is restarted or shut down, it throws some error about storage being offline. Plenty people reported it on MS forums, issue remains.

Had to buy humble choice instead. Annoyed.

It’s worked fine for me since it’s been on Game Pass.

I finally uninstalled it and went back to the steam version though, since I’d earned all the Xbox Live achievements, and I only owe all the DLC for the steam version.

Good for you! Do you have it installed on the default drive or on another one?




…and no useful solutions.

Why can’t MS just fucking use normal unencrypted files like any other sane company.

I have 4 drives, where only the C: drive is an SSD, and yes, for some reason DiRT Rally 2.0 would only install on the C: drive at the time, all the other options were grayed out.

But I think I was having that problem with all Game Pass games back then? So I thought it was related to that. (That Game Pass problem was subsequently fixed in general for Game Pass games in a patch to the beta software).