~The Game Pass Thread~

Oh no i need to finish Call of the Sea and Haven before they leave (i’m pretty far along in Call of the Sea but got stuck and moved away from it, there’s a level my casual and intermittent play style can’t grok).

Does anyone know if Microsoft indicated any sort of timeframe on when the PC app improvements are coming? Specifically talking about being able to install to any folder and that sort of thing.

There is one puzzle even after reading the cheat I still didn’t get. The rest of the game was fun.

Can you not do this now? I install everything to a separate drive in a folder I choose.

There’s a folder where it downloads many gigabytes of data that is locked down and the user can’t access (without mucking around with changing folder ownership and things like that). In the video update they talked about that potentially changing.

If you’re willing to join the Insider program, you might be able to start beta testing the process right now:

A lot of great new features are coming to the Xbox app for Windows PCs that are now available to test for Xbox Insiders, including enabling mods for many games and the ability to select your game install location.

I can’t wait to be underwhelmed by Evil Genius 2.

I was about to say the same thing! Looked it up- still didn’t get the logic, but at least I could continue.

Exo One comes to Game Pass today. Not really sure what it’s all about, maybe a frisbee flinging, rock skipping, planet hopping adventure? Looks trippy though.

Looks like a great game to play on mushrooms. Reminds me a bit of Race the Sun.

Never heard of Race the Sun, I’ll have to look it up.

The sun is the same in a relative way, but you’re older
Shorter of breath and one day closer to death

Ugh, you can’t just install from the store anymore, huh, has to be from the Xbox app?

That’s right. Race the sun is about hanging out and growing older while you watch the grass grow.

Looks like 3D tiny wings! Played that a good deal in the early iOS games era.

Seems like a very meditative game so far. Probably fairly short, with achievements for finishing it in 180 and 90 minutes.

Undungeon seems interesting. Combat is a bit floaty. Heavy on the up front lore bulldozer. Weird Nuclear Throne-esque style.

The MS Store app got updated. Now the icon has rounded bottom corners and the “get updates” button has no colour change/visual feedback if it’s been pressed.

And hardware no longer shows up as purchasable. And it’s impossible to filter the deals subcategory or search results.

With any luck, quality will get patched in later.

What kind of morons keeping running/ruining that division? Today the download button changes to a checkmark.

So, I have been playing Halo Infinite via streaming on an Series X… And it works really well. It is running on wired Ethernet, but it is smooth and flawless.

If that is the future of streaming games, then I am onboard.