~The Game Pass Thread~

This is fucking stupid. One of the “improvements” in the new MS Store app is that you can’t install games you own through it anymore but are shunted off to the Xbox app where you can naturally be upsold GamePass at the same time.

Target has 3 month gamepass cards on sale for $25. I’m guessing other places probably do also for Black Friday.

Don’t be a sucker. 3 months of game pass is worth roughly $13 with the XBLG conversion.

you can’t do that conversion unless you run out gamepass though, right? I already have gamepass through next May I think, I don’t want to wait for that to elapse and then find out that the XBLG conversion is no good anymore.

Fair enough, although there was a way to buy and stack week-long passes that came out to like $3/month awhile back too. A lot of busywork though.

Mortal Shell and Before We Leave just popped up for me on PC Game Pass. Looking forward to giving Mortal Shell a whirl.

Hmm, I seemed to recall that last year, someone posted that Walmart had a great deal on Gamepass, so I stocked up on a year’s worth of cards. This is what they’re showing now. Am I missing something, contrary to their little “sale reduced price” tag, this does not look like “reduced price” to me, unless it’s some new level I don’t know about. I mean the card itself says $14.99 right next to their $26.29 price. Also why the heck are they offering to give me an extended warranty on this?

Thats not being sold by Walmart, even if it is on the Walmart site. ;)

Also how does the protection plan work on that item?

The 3 month GamePass for PC cards are $20.99 CAD at BB this week and for Black Friday Somy PlayStation Plus 1 year is $46.99 at various retailers.

SO - Through this gamepass app on windows, there is a new icon where you can connect to your Xbox. Only, it doesnt work, and just throws out an error saying that something went wrong.
My Xbox is online and logged in with the same account, so it should work.

Has anyone gotten it to work, or has any suggestions?

What do you mean by connect to? I’ve streamed from my PC to Xbox before, if that’s what you mean. At least on Xbone you need to install an app first. Also, are they on the same WiFi?

On the sam wifi, indeed.

I mean, on Gamepass program on windows, there is a new icon, top right corner that lets you connect to your xbox. I am guessing I can play my Xbox games then as well, on my PC.

Huh, just tested it out, it is indeed streaming Xbox to PC. Didn’t realise that was new. Worked fine for me so I’m not sure I can assist. At what point did it throw up an error? When I tried it, it first turned on my Xbox and then prompted me on my Xbox to “Enable” it, which then ran a test. Did you manage to get that far or was it failing earlier?

Given your handle on this forum, I’m going to ask: does your Windows user account name have an “exotic” character like an “ó” in it? Mine has an “é” in it, and as a result, I can’t do the streaming to the PC from my XbSX, Cloud gaming or anything like that till they finally fix it (if they ever do).

Yes, hard to believe in this day and age that they didn’t think that people might have diacriticals in their user account names.

Also check that your router doesn’t have AP isolation on segregating your wired from wireless devices.

You have to enable the remote options on your console first before the xbox app can connect to it. Make sure you go into console settings and test your network for compatibility.

Thanks - I hadn’t done this so I assume that is the issue.

Thanks @rei , @Papageno and @Ginger_Yellow as well for answering - And sorry for not responding until now.

oh - and my username is based on a silly computergame on the Amiga called Dragons Breath that had an ingredient called “razgon” - for some reason, it just stuck with me, even though I am not Russian, but Danish. So, no special signs in my username :-)

I’ll give this a try later today!

Xbox Live Gold 12 months on sale for ~$50 at Newegg ( $59.99 + $10.50 off w/ promo code SSAY2523) for the next 14 hours only .

Walmart now actually does have Xbox GamePass Ultimate on sale:

Edit: actually you can save $2 at Amazon (I only checked since Walmart limited me to purchasing two).

Amazon limits to 1, I ordered 2 from target so not sure if they are limiting them or not.