~The Game Pass Thread~

I don’t think they expire. YMMV of course. I’d use it within a year or two.

Anyone here played that game Exo- something? Played a bit tonight-- pretty trippy.

It reminds me of Flower in how chill it is.

Though I couldn’t figure out how to get into the transporter on the volcano/fire planet. I’ve heard the next one was neat so maybe I’ll give it another shot.

Generation Zero has sneaked onto Game Pass without prior announcement.

Speaking of sneaking things onto game pass.

I had no idea we had access to these on Game Pass for PC, through EA Desktop:

Including Crysis Remastered.

I haven’t tried EA Desktop again since they became part of Game Pass, and back then it was a complete mess and I uninstalled it. Has it gotten better? Anyone tried it more recently?

I played through Titanfall 2 on EA Play and thought the client was less of a mess than the PC Game Pass app.

Swedish teens fight alien invaders!

My current obsession is Lonely Mountains: Downhill, although it requires serious patience and concentration, and resisting the urge to throw the controller across the room.

Alien invaders you say?

Woo! Holding off on buying stuff pays off again.

It’s a multiplayer game several months after release so probably not, really.

It’s PvE, right? All I need to do is interest a couple of friends to group up with me and I’ve got a stew, baby!

Oh sure, if you have friends.

Pc or console for fireteam?

Por que no los dos?

Coming December 14, alongside the new Season 2: Point Defense update, the standard edition of Aliens: Fireteam Elite will be available with Xbox Game Pass on both Xbox and Windows 10! This also means cross play will be available between all Xbox and PC players who install via the Microsoft Store version of the game.

…that 15+ million people are suddenly going to get access to at the same time :-)

Did back 4 blood get a big spike when it hit game pass?

(I’m actually asking, I don’t know the answer.)

I would imagine so - the developers were touting 6+ million players in a matter of weeks and I would bet millions of those are from Game Pass. But no way to know for sure.

Either way, for co-op games like this I wouldn’t have much fun with randos anyway so player count isn’t what’s important to me personally. For me it’s all about having other friends who also have Game Pass so that all of you can play games together without needing to purchase anything extra.

Ahh, right, it launched on game pass day 1. What’s an analagous multiplayer-only game that hit game pass months post-release? And did that game do well?

Also sneaking onto GP in the last day is Mind Scanners, which looks like a retro (in the sense that it looks like it was originally an adventure game released on the C64) scifi Papers, Please.

The description says “Your duty is to diagnose and treat the citizens of The Structure. The patient list is long so don’t waste your time. We’ll let you see your daughter soon…”, and is apparently full of weird mini games. Looks like fun.

I mean, does it matter? The developers are getting paid, and it’s not the sort of game you’d want to play with randoms. As long as you can convince 1-3 people to play that’s all you need.

But to answer the question, last month Coffee Stain said Deep Rock Galactic had around 4 million players with 3 million copies sold. That extra million is coming from free weekends and Game Pass.