~The Game Pass Thread~

Somehow I wasn’t expecting it to still release this year. What a year they are having at Microsoft. The game pass library and first party offering is getting really strong.

I’ve only bought a single game outside of gamepass in the past year, and yet I’ve been constantly playing new, awesome games.

I’m gonna enjoy this conversion, it’s gonna be cheaper than buying all these crap games at release.

For example, Humankind which I played the hell out of for a few weeks but then the novelty wore off. And that Space warlord organ trading simulator.

The weird thing I’m dealing with now, is that Destiny 2 leaves gamepass in a few days, and I’m pretty sure I’m just gonna drop it.

As it stands, I’d have to play $80 to get access to the prior stuff that I already had access to before and played through, or else I’d lose the stasis subclass that came with Beyond Light. And then I’d need to pay MORE money to get access to the new Witch Queen stuff that is coming out soon.

It seems really weird that Bungie isn’t just making the old stuff free, or at least included with the new expansion. If that were the case, I’d keep giving them money, but as it stands it seems like they’re ripping me off.

And even though D2 was “free” with gamepass, I still bought all the season passes for the past year from them, so they were still making money from me… but now they won’t, I don’t think.

Yeah, Destiny 2 lost me with its convoluted gameplay structure and release ecosystem a long while back. I would still be buying and playing that series for sure if they had a more traditional schedule of sequels being released every year or two.

I messed around with Archvale and Lawn Mowing Simulator last night and had a great time with both games.

Is it possible to tip the mower over? Otherwise it is not realistic.

Melissa McGamePass is at it again -

Oh man, REDACTED ALSO coming day 1 is a huge get for Microsoft

I was considering picking up Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator on Steam, so good to know!

theHunter Call of the Wild is crazy addictive to me. Now I wish I had bought one of the bundles when it was on sale on Steam. It’s got that Snowrunner vibe where you just chill and wander around doing things. And the maps are crazy huge and quite pretty. And I have zero interest in real life hunting. Crazy…


Is that just weird and braggy marketing or am I missing something?

What upcoming game has a really long title?

Hey, I didn’t know that Atomic Heart was a day 1 XGP release, nice.

A good chunk of my desktop wallpapers come from this game.

Why does part of me feel like this is a real job title at Microsoft?

12-6-2021 7-24-56 PM

Such a helpful error:

Wow, that’s a real nice shot.

You jest, but that’s actually a super helpful error message (assuming it’s accurate). It clearly communicates that I don’t need to spend any more time or mental energy trying to figure out what went wrong or googling whether I can fix it and if so, how.

Always a big assumption. I will concede that it is at least a bit better than the “something went wrong” error that has become ubiquitous and which I hate, hate, hate.