~The Game Pass Thread~

My son has a separate account for the XBox app so that we don’t overlap saves. Never been a problem before; I just log him out and log myself in. Now I sign out and then when I sign back in, it defaults to his login. I can’t get it to give me a login screen or go to my account. Tried signing out of the store and back in. Really really annoying.

I don’t think it counts as a Day One but Serious Sam 4 is currently installing on my PC…

Could it be that his login is set to that controller?

Good catch, Serious Sam 4 did get a stealth drop to Game Pass yesterday.

LOL, “bags of tea”

Is Everspace 2 really available now?

Looks like it?

It’s been in early access since January 2021, so the full game isn’t actually done, but it could certainly be on GP.

Ya, seems available:

“Far out!” he says, dating himself.

And thanks, guys. BTW I love retro-themed stuff like that video, complete with VCR tracking noise and a TV station that actually goes off the air! Try to get a kid’s mind to take that in.

Everspace 2 is definitely on my list to buy, but I’m waiting until 1.0, which looks to be slated for 2023.

It’s not on Game Pass, but Chorus (or CHORVS or whatever) looks like a good Everspace type of game.

Already on my gg.deals wishlist! It does look cool.

I had one of those ‘I was today years old’ realization moments and, while I realize it may be something everyone knew but me, I figure it may be worth posting in the off chance it’s helpful -

If you like to play any of MS’s casual iPhone (or Android, I assume) games, like solitaire, sudoku, mahjongg or wordament, and you have Game Pass Ultimate, then you are entitled to the premium version of those games at no additional cost. So no ads, some additional features, stuff like that. Just FYI.

Heads up, @TurinTur, looks like we can change the name of the thread again! Microsoft is rebranding Xbox Game Pass For Xbox And PC Games To Play On PC or whatever it’s called to: PC Game Pass. A little less cumbersome, that.

PC Game Pass (and fuck them consoles)

You guys are never satisfied! How many times do I need to change the title of this thread?!

Thank god, maybe the PC guys can finally stop their bitching. Or at least have a little more time to count frames or clock rates or whatever the hell you guys do.

I actually read the other day that Microsoft was going to publish a GP app for the TurboGrafx 16.