~The Game Pass Thread~

Trying to decide where “had to turn the difficulty down” is on the scale, and I think that’s worse than it being too easy but better than not having the option at all. It feels like the devs didn’t get the difficulty right and you had to “cheat” to win.

I realise it’s hard to accommodate everyone’s abilities, but I’d have thought if the player was good enough to reach the final boss, the boss shouldn’t be much harder than that. I think I prefer it when earlier game bosses are harder.

I’m definitely a “hoard all the good stuff just in case” - especially for RPGs - so it’s nice if the final boss is tough enough that you definitely feel like you need to use everything to win (and is super clear that “this is the time to use it”), but also easy enough that you’re not just doing boring safe things. I’ve definitely “accidentally” finished the game and not used the “you can only use this once but it’s supposed to be amazing” item because I didn’t realise or forgot about it, and I’ve also “won” the game by doing some ultra cheese because anything else is a one hit KO… I still remember bits of the final fight in Chrono Trigger just because it was somehow a super epic fight including a bit of a “greatest hits” track of the entire game by bringing back some older bosses and their mechanics…

Game design is hard - glad I can just play games and complain ;)

I didn’t mind the incredibly tough boss fights in Archvale… that Banished Executioner I wrote about a few days ago turned out to be a lot harder than the next two. Beating that guy felt like a huge victory. But I really don’t like the egregious removal of a checkpoint between two insane bosses right at the end. That seems cheap to throw in only at the end.

These bullet hell boss fights aren’t fun tests of skill like Nioh 2 or Sekiro… they’re just arcade twitch-fests where you get better at dancing around or dashing through all the bullets and laser beams. But two in a row is lunacy.

And it doesn’t help that I feel like the only one in the world playing it. :D I’d say 50 hours is enough for that little Game Pass trifle. (I still had a blast and recommend it highly… but maybe play on Normal.) And now I can get to some of those AAA games I bought during the winter sale!

Effing done! All campaigns finished!

FWIW, I played a decent chunk of it and enjoyed it. Got to the second boss on hard and then decided to restart on normal, and got through a half dozen of them before getting distracted by some other game.

Literally, the same experience and reaction (though I only played through on normal) - I had a couple more halfhearted goes and then uninstalled. I enjoyed my time with Archvale (though I would complain about missing checkpoints creating difficulty spikes throughout the entire game, often to reach areas with nothing in them), but this was such a puzzling design choice.

Interesting! I loved how the checkpoints were spaced out in the main game… needing to clear enough areas to reach the next save fountain (and not knowing where they were!) really enhanced the fun and challenge for me.

I liked how the map showed my progress so sometimes I could take alternate routes or explore and level up in other areas before returning. That also forced me to improve my weapons and armor or experiment with different badge combos. I went ranged only until the final Brinkreef levels when I switched to melee for the first time.

I’m glad to know some other folks (mostly) enjoyed it. I guess I just needed this Zelda-like setting and framework to get into a bullet hell title for the first time.


Subbed until 2025.

Oh that’s you! Was wondering who that was on my friend list.

It’s OK to be disappointed

Just curious. I figured it was someone I knew but I wasn’t sure from where.

Another surprise game hit today, I think? At least, I don’t remember this being announced.

10th year anniversary, so I guess it’s an old game, but I haven’t heard of it. Anyone?

Well, I’ve wanted to try it, and nearly bought it several times, so cool. From what I know about it, the game people might be familiar with that is similar is the nonary game series (999, etc)

Microsoft store apparently started showing the expiration date for Game Pass discounts on games, which let people know the date it might be leaving Game Pass. Still classified as rumor, but the dates seem right to me, if those games are not renewed, which sometimes happens.

If these are true, I really need to continue my game of Plague Tale and Control. Stat!

Just saw this image posted elsewhere, but can’t find the official announcement post yet.

But anyway: Death’s Door is excellent, one of the best games from last year. Excited for Pupperazzi!

Nobody saves the world looks cool

Damn, the whole Hitman trilogy? That’s kinda cool. Hitman 3 was a big deal not all that long ago.

I’ve been thinking of getting started with PC Game Pass. What’s the state of the app in January 2022? Does it still suck?

Yes, it still sucks, but it works in that you can install and play games.

Usually. And if not you only have to do a full reinstall of Windows a very small percent of the time.

Most of the time it’s fine but when it’s not there isn’t much you can do to fix it, and the error messages are generally unhelpful.