~The Game Pass Thread~

I’m fortunate in that I’ve had zero issues with it, and I’ve been using it for quite a while. Phenomenal value.

Well not a full reinstall from scratch, you can install Windows on top of itself to fix pesky UWP bullshit.

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Nobody Saves the World looked interesting, and is a dev I’ve liked, but boy does it feel grindy right out of the gate, not sure I’m going to stick with it.

In the section below the new games coming, there was the games that are leaving Jan 31:

Cyber Shadow (Cloud, Console, and PC)
Nowhere Prophet (Cloud, Console, and PC)
Prison Architect (PC)
Xeno Crisis (Cloud, Console, and PC)

Any of those recommended by anyone here, to check out before they leave?

The only one I played was Nowhere Prophet and it was kind of cool as a Slay the Spire-like, but with tactical battles. But the structure made it a much longer game than StS, so losing in the latter parts was much more demoralizing. Great touch controls on the PC version, though.

If you’re on board with retro pixel-art action/platformers, Cyber Shadow is a good one of those.

And Nowhere Prophet is a really cool spin on the deckbuilding genre that does a good job of mechanically evoking its premise (shepherding a small band of followers along a long and harsh journey). Unlike most in the genre, you’re not cycling through your deck multiple times per battle, and your goal isn’t a stripped-down hyper-consistent deck. Each card in the follower deck is an individual who persists between battles, and you often have to weigh interesting tradeoffs of short vs. long-term gain (for example, deploying a wounded unit might be the best way to win the current battle, but risks having them killed permanently).

Things do eventually start to feel repetitive, but you can get plenty of enjoyment out of it before then.

Nowhere Prophet isn’t a streamlined experience like StS or Monster Train. I’d say if someone liked Griftlands it is worth a look.

Someone explain the Game Pass “touch controls” thing. Are some GP games playable on mobile through a GP app? Or is this by streaming to a mobile device from an Xbox or PC? Or is it only streaming from an Xbox?

They stream to your phone from the xCloud, err, cloud.

So if I pay for PC Game Pass… do I have access to xCloud?

No, you need ultimate.

Nope. Ultimate only.

Aaaah, Ultimate! Thank you for explaining!

The touch controls thing, specifically, has to do with playing xCloud games.

If games have touch controls, you can play them on Android devices without needing a Bluetooth controller.

If they don’t have touch controls, you can still play on Android, but you need to have a controller device connected.

But the touch controls are just an on-screen overlay that map areas of and screen to Xbox gamepad buttons, so they’re a terrible way to play anything, and you’re really better off with mobile-native games. They do not adapt the game to touch controls the way good ports do. For example running the PC native version of Nowhere Prophet on a Surface is a great experience, as the game plays perfectly with taps and drags.

Well, I now have 3 years of Game Pass thanks to Turkey. I haven’t really looked at the selection before and wasn’t expecting to be so many games that I’d want to play. Wow.

I still like the idea of owning the games that I like, so most likely I’ll use this service as a way to demo new things and buy whatever I want to play more seriously on Steam or whatever. One nice thing is that I can try out all the shiny new FPS games. I’ve always wanted to play FPS games, but sadly most of them give me motion sickness, so at least this way I can play them for a couple of minutes.

This is one of the huge benefits for Game Pass to me. It gives me access to games I’d never otherwise try as well as some games that I’d definitely buy (and still do occasionally).

Yeah, this is specifically what I was talking about up there. Contrast with something like Cultist Simulator on Steam- it should play well with touch on Windows, and it actually does on the more touch-native platforms (IOS/Android), but they never added that functionality to the Windows version, so it’s super crappy to play on my Surface.

That said, some games with the touch overlay on Android/xCloud are fine. Turn-based stuff, line Octopath Traveller was fun.

Windjammers is one of my favorite arcade games, I wonder if Windjammers 2 will be any good. Gotta try it out.