~The Game Pass Thread~

I never seem to get these things right. I bought four of the 3-month XBLG codes and redeemed them (unfortunately) with the instructions at CD-Keys, after turning off my recurring sub for PC Game Pass. Now I have 12 months of XBLG in my account, but without a way to upgrade to Ultimate 1:1. I failed at this, didn’t I?

Nevermind. I see in the Bargain Thread that MS will convert the whole thing, not just 1 month, when I do the upgrade path. All is well. Whew.

Except, wow, that was convoluted. The offer vanished and refreshed to a buy for $16.99/month. I decided to click that and then read after a couple screens that it would still upgrade all my subscription from Gold to Ultimate, so it ultimately worked. That was after I added another year (2 years is enough for now; I have enough gaming for the rest of my life at this rate).

Right, the $1 deal is an introductory offer, if you already had GPU it should cost $14.99. Don’t know where $16.99 came from, unless you’re in a different region and the $ aren’t US$.

Yep, sorry, that was CAD.

Still, amazing offer. I was paying something like $13.59/month for just PC Game Pass. Now, paid 1/3 of the price over 2-years for the upgraded Ultimate. I’m okay with that.

Value is unquestionable, and if you get an Xbox you can play games there too-- and stream xCloud to your computer, phone, or tablet.

I’m afraid if I move from PC Game Pass to Ultimate then I’ll end up buying an Xbox Series X and I reeeeeally don’t need that.

but you totally want it


That’s basically why I bought my XSX, to mess around with Game Pass. I don’t have a library of Xbox games purchased over the years since I primarily game on PC, and Game Pass instantly provides that.

How limiting/annoying do folks find DLC and lack of modding (though I know modding is starting to be allowed)? Most games on gamepass are expected just base versions, and it looks like the DLC deals on the store pale in comparison to things like Steam. Or do folks just play the base game, and wait to pick up GOTY editions with everything in some future blowout Steam sale?

I find lack of DLC annoying, but it’s a minor annoyance and you can always buy it (even if I may find it hard to justify owning DLC for a game I don’t really own).

Many games on gamepass include dlc. Like destiny when it was on gamepass included all the dlc until that point.

Not really. I don’t buy much DLC to begin with, and for the few Gamepass games that I’ve wanted to, I have. Modding is much more of a pain.

I’m playing through Yakuza 6 with a few mods and it was pretty effortless since they let you access the game files easily now.

I had to buy an Xbox controller because getting Playstation controllers to work with Gamepass games is too hard

Eh, it’s a better controller anyway. ducks

But seriously, when I got my PS4 Pro for RDR 2, my thumbs were hurting in very short order when playing on the DualShock 4. I had to get the “stick extenders” to make them tall enough for my hands.

I used eneba and haven’t been contacted. From what I understand eneba is basically on the same level as cdkeys (I’ve used both in the past (for subscription cards only) without issues).

That was an actual scam, people were stacking introductory PC game pass trials and then upgrading them to a full GPU. Nothing to worry about.

Ah, cool. Thanks for the response.

Far Cry 5 is coming to Game Pass on July 1st. Console, PC, Cloud.

Another great choice for Game Pass, since I would not have gotten that myself.

Its because I bought it during the last Ubi sale and haven’t played it yet. :P

Agreed, a game I’ve kind of wanted to try out and mess around a bit in, but never enough to want to actually purchase the game.