~The Game Pass Thread~

Is 5 the post apocalyptic one? I would probably play that.

No, that’s New Dawn. FC5 is a pretty good Far Cry game, though, should you be interested in playing one.

It’s pure bliss.

Don’t remind me…

Looks like House Flipper was stealth dropped to Game Pass yesterday. No idea if it’s actually fun - I mean, it doesn’t look terribly fun to me, but hey knock yourself out if that’s your thing.

I’d put it in the ‘mildly entertaining’ category.

I’ve been avoiding buying (because EA) Landlord’s Super, which seems like a more fun implementation of the same sort of idea (it’s by the Jalopy guy). Might try House Flipper to bide the time while I wait for it to come out of EA.

It sounds like Quake 4 will be coming to PC Game Pass soon. Yay! It’s my favorite game from Raven. Hopefully they will add achievements. That will give me a good excuse to play through it again.

For those that haven’t played it, remember that it has a terrible start, but the gameplay improves substantially when you start unlocking weapon upgrades for each of your weapons.

I’d be more excited if it were graphically remastered with ray-tracing, etc. Sounds like this is the original game from 2005.

I don’t want ray-tracing or a graphics upgrade necessarily, but I hope they add gamepad support.

The original Quake and Quake 2 play so much better with the gamepad.

You’re a wild man.

Next to say goodbye:

  • Atomicrops
  • Carrion
  • Children of Morta
  • Cris Tales
  • Lethal League Blaze

I liked the first two hours of Carrion. I wanted to like Atomicrops.

I finished those first three and liked them all. Carrion is definitely the shortest if you want to try to finish before it leaves.

I really liked Carrion. May have to play it again before it leaves.

… something like that.

I had fun with Carrion until I got lost and frustrated pretty early on. Same thing happened a few times while playing Death’s Door but I pressed on each time long enough to get back on track. Carrion didn’t seem to have enough going for it to keep me invested and playing in order to discover whatever path I was missing.

I really enjoyed my time with Children of Morta. Love the look of that game. I might have to [GASP] purchase it!

Children of Morta is a wonderful, glorious, heartwarming game.

Is the Pet DLC worth it?

Probably not. I love the game but haven’t felt the need to buy the DLC yet. (I did buy the game because it’s a title I’ll want to revisit occasionally.)