~The Game Pass Thread~

Interesting …

Makes sense to me! Would definitely do this when they inevitably close the $4/month loophole.

Well it’s been rumored for a while, looks like it’s finally happening.

What, closing the loophole? This doesn’t imply anything there one way or the other. Game Pass was already a huge pain in the ass to share, to such an extent that I didn’t bother. And this will probably deeply surprise all of you, but I’m a cheap bastard.

No, the family plan. Nobody’s talking about the loophole, which isn’t even a loophole.

Of course it’s a loophole, it’s a 72% savings, depending on which deal you happen upon. Microsoft knows it exists obviously and lets it happen, but that doesn’t mean it was intended.

It’s a “loophole” that’s existed for several years now and that MS practically advertises. If it pleases you to feel that you’re getting away with something, have at it. But at a certain point semantics would dictate that the word you’re using no longer has meaning.

Microsoft doesn’t advertise it at all. They don’t even wink, wink about it. This is something people discovered on their own and Microsoft allows to continue to buy marketshare.

The loophole is definitely a loophole.

Agreed, they announced the Gold to UGP conversion thing once and then never really spoke about it again. If you go to the website and the console, the way they want you to enter the ecosystem is to join UGP for $1 for one month or three months, and then hopefully continue paying. That’s what they advertise in the space people see.

Right, it’s only us “extremely online” people (as the kids put it) that are aware of the loophole.

There happens to be a lot of “extremely online” people if you were to put us all in a stadium or whatever, but pretty small as a proportion of the population.

You guys are nuts. If a store puts coupons in some obscure magazine that has to be sought out, that’s not a loophole. They’d love for you to spend full price on GPU but if you want to jump in at a serious discount well, right now that works just fine too. And no, I would not be surprised if this option goes away at some point. But that will be when MS decides they’ve got enough folks on the hook that they can live with some of them bailing out because the price is no longer right.

More details about this family pass:

So one person subscribing on this new plan can share the plan with up to four other people and all five must live in the same country. And those who are testing this are converting their existing plan to this new one -

Insider Preview will convert the time remaining on your membership to time in the new plan, based upon the monetary value of the old membership. For example, a full month of Ultimate will be converted to 18 days of membership for this plan. This way you won’t lose any of the remaining value on your existing subscription upon conversion. Conversion is final, and users must wait for their new membership to expire before returning to a previous membership.

So the new plan’s conversion rate from GPU looks like a 3:5 conversion ratio. Since this is just open to existing members, looks like pricing isn’t being mentioned yet.

My son has a separate Microsoft account on my computer and can play all of my GP4PC games on his account, including purchased DLCs, as long as I install them. So I’m not sure this family plan provides much value for me.

On the same computer, it has no value at all. If you live separately though, could be interesting once the loophole is closed.

They’re just replacing one loophole with another, since I bet it’s totally never occurred to Microsoft that five random buddies who play online together might just split a family membership cost among themselves.

I bought this for my PS4, played for about 10 hours. It’s pretty over-the-top in the amount of things you can do. It’s very “Japanese” with systems tacked onto systems tacked onto systems and the expectation that you can spend hundreds of hours playing video games and being obsessive about collectables or whatever. It’s the Monster Hunter of detective games.

The sales on it keep getting better and better. That’s usually a sign that it will hit GP soon. In this sale it’s currently $18. I think that’s the lowest it’s been.

Yes, I almost bought it, but the fact that every Yakuza game is on GP (some for the second time!) has stopped me.

I just kinda want a Yakuza game that doesn’t have ties to sixteen other games. A fresh start.

I don’t think anyone’s suggesting that Microsoft doesn’t know that this loophole exists. Indeed, I think that they do in fact feel like the added subs they get through this mechanism are worth it to them.

But at the same time, I believe they very much intend for the vast majority of folks to be paying the full price.

There may be some crazy black magic marketing thought going into this, in that this kind of loophole is really only known about by pretty hard core gamers, but then those folks also tend to have more influence on the overall gaming community. So having this kind of hidden loophole makes the platform ultra appealing to those hard core folks (especially when compared to the “normal” price), while still having most of the normies paying the normal price.