~The Game Pass Thread~

No way to prove that without their revenue metrics, but if true it’s a rather brilliant move.

So we’re the “Inner Party” people, is what you’re saying? ;-)

Joke’s on microsoft, I don’t play any of the games I buy or subscribe to anyway!

Also the exact opposite of most price differentiation strategies. Normally you’d want to offer a lower price to price conscious consumers (the normies) while still being able to extract top dollar from the enthusiasts through things like pre-sales, deluxe editions, etc.

One of the things that doesn’t get mentioned here often is the occasional good perk offered to Ultimate Game Pass members. Usually it’s just cosmetic garbage, but when they offered a free month of Crunchyroll, I make pretty good use of it. The latest I used was 2 free months of Hulu. I used every single bit of that. Wow, that was a great two months. Hulu is just on fire this month. I got charged $13 for the first time, and I’ll probably keep it for another month to finish off the ongoing season of Reservation Dogs.

But yeah, UGP definitely saved me $26, as I would have gotten Hulu at this time anyway, to watch the shows I watched.

They had a 3-month trial of Marvel Unlimited as well. I got to read a bunch of old comics, anyway.

Is that still there? I’m not sure how to use something like that so I left it alone.

I dunno. It disappeared for me, but I used it. So I’m not sure if the offer is still on.

WTH Microsoft?

Why can I pause the transfer individually in the Xbox app but not the Microsoft Store app? Or is the stop / play icon (so much for consistency between the two apps even if the queue is the same) means the same thing as pause? Why is there no option to pause from the … button?

I tried Turbo Golf Racing last night and it was kinda fun. I never played Rocket League but I find the addition of golf to the formula to be very appealing. But the game is still in early access and unfortunately it crashed on my fourth round. I’ll definitely be playing it again.

Does every country in the world have to be ok with MS acquiring Activision Blizzard or something? I’m confused as to why they are presenting their case seemingly around the world.

It’s funny that Microsoft had managed to get Sony to waste money that they could be spending on getting games onto their own subscription platform.

Microsoft is spending tens of billions of dollars to keep entire publisher catalogs off Sony hardware.

Lol, Sony getting a taste of its own medicine. You would think after three decades of experience in music and movie industry they would know not to piss off people, guess they got a little arrogant. Not surprised considering they lost market share in electronics like IBM losing the business market in the 90s.

I am enjoying playing Octopath Traveler on Gamespass.

Isn’t that article just talking about console exclusives, which have been a thing for decades?

Well, apparently the source document isn’t clear, but on the face of it they’re just talking about subscription services, not entire console exclusivity. And maybe not exclusivity at all, but sort of reverse exclusivity - not you must only be on our service, but you cannot be on their service.

…which makes a lot of sense since being on Game Pass is like a free giveaway that makes the value of a game next to zero anywhere else.

Nintendo has talked a lot in the past about the race to the bottom on game pricing. This is why their first party stuff retains its value for years and years instead of having quick sales. They believe if you price low (or make it a giveaway/service release), you are effectively saying your games aren’t very good or are rather slight.

Agree or disagree, there is truth in how the consumer perceives games they receive for nothing.

Gamepass is successful because they offer a huge number of good games, for a very low price.

It doesn’t degrade the value of those games… obviously, if the library of games offered was considered to be without value, then the value proposition of gamepass would not be good, and thus it would be less successful than it is.

Does it make it seem silly to pay $60 for one game when you can get that game plus a million others for a lower cost through gamepass? It sure does.