~The Game Pass Thread~

I see it! Along with Cooking Simulator and a little gem called Offworld Trading Company.

Also, sometimes you can search for games and find them even if they haven’t yet appeared in the Recently Added section.

Ah. Not cloud playable. Oh, well.

Jeez Gamepass isnt the only game in town, you could say the same for PSPlus, Epic, Amazon and Humble Bundle.

I think their cloud servers run on Series X boards, so I don’t think you’ll find any PC-only games on the cloud. So I don’t think games like Rome: Expedition or Offworld Trading Company will show up on the cloud since they don’t run on Xbox.

Well they ought to fix that! Or just get console versions of Rome and Hardspace Shipbreaker kicking. Come on, MS, I’m waiting!

Hardspace, at least, is coming to Xbox, and I’m pretty sure GP. No definitive date that I know of, though.

The framing is extremely misleading, because what is actually happening is Sony saying “if we give you tens of millions of dollars in a co-marketing deal, you can’t turn around and screw us by also selling it to MS as a Gamepass title.” MS almost certainly has a similar clause for their partnerships. In fact, many [email protected] games that launch on Gamepass are literally required to be console exclusive for a period.

Does anyone know if the statement from MS is referring to games that have been released on Xbox but Sony has paid off not to go on game pass? If that’s the case, then it’s not really about exclusives, more about limiting the potential value (and competitiveness) of games pass.

No matter what the actual situation is, it sure seems like Sony is on the defensive this console generation despite having higher console sales.

There was a contract leak for Resident Evil Village that had a no gamepass clause for a 12 month period, IIRC. It doesn’t stop games from coming out on Xbox day and date at all. It just protects Sony’s marketing investment from being undermined. Both Sony and MS sign exclusive marketing partnerships with third parties all the time. They would have no value if the marketing wasn’t exclusive.

I have Gamepass. I have a HTPC hooked up to my TV. I also have a PS5 connected to my TV. I am thinking about getting an Xbox controller to connect to my HTPC if there are games that fall into the following categories.

  1. Needs to be a Xbox/gamepass exclusive. Not on PS5, steam,gog etc.
  2. Runs well on an integrated graphics (Intel gen11) (pretty much rules out Gears/Halo/Forza).
  3. Suitable for big screen/controller.

So I bought a used Xbox Series X from a friend and dove right into game pass ultimate. This is actually the first non-Nintendo console I’ve owned since the original Xbox and I’m pretty impressed so far.

It’s so weird to buy a console and instantly be able to play hundreds of games. Even though I’ve only owned it for about a week, I’m already finding that my gaming/game buying habits are starting to change. It’s liberating to know you can download a game you’re interested in, try it for a couple hours, and not feel guilty for paying $xx dollars (or requesting a Steam refund).

I’ve also found that whenever I get the urge to buy a new game on PC or Switch, I think about all the games I want to play on game pass. I’m sure this won’t last forever and something will come along that I need to buy, but for now it is actually saving me a bit of money.

So quick question, what is everyone’s hidden gems in game pass now?

There’s a lot of great stuff. Glancing through the list for stuff that I’ve really enjoyed but might still be under the radar, here’s what I come up with:

Unsighted, Citizen Sleeper, One Step from Eden, Record of Lodoss War, Signs of the Sojourner, Tainted Grail Conquest, and The Forgotten City.

Are there any of those at all? There used to be a few Xbox exclusive first party games on Game Pass, but I think most if not all of those are on PC now.

I imagine any that exist would be knocked out by the integrated graphics criteria.

Really enjoying octopath traveler at the moment, if you have any interest in JRPGs might be one to look into.

Cloud streaming can be a good option for games that you may want to play but are too demanding for your intel graphics. Last time I tried the quality wasn’t as good as GeForce Now, but it’s been 6 months since I checked.

Hollow Knight, Subnautica and Prey would be my picks.

Hidden Gems:

Lonely Mountains: Downhill, Outer Wilds, Psychonauts 2, Quake, Supraland, The Artful Escape, The Outer Worlds, Wasteland 3 would be my picks off the top of my head.

The simultaneous release of Outer Wilds and The Outer Worlds created an anomaly in my brain that will be with me until I die.

Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Still looks fantastic, is a shooter without being a cover shooter (really) competent enough AI you can skirmish for hundreds of hours, fun and colorful settings (not grimdark RealMilSim shooter), get to be a fairly balanced Jedi.

I probably played it a bit every day for a year. There’s something less harsh to me to play a shooter in a Star Wars environment. But really the AI helps out a ton - of course you’re still the best player on your team but the power spikes from heroes and vehicles the AI gets often causes it to beat you despite your best efforts.