~The Game Pass Thread~

My impression is that it will be like Subnautica. The sequel will be more of the same. Original entry not required.

Funny you should mention. Looks like it’s in two days.

Ah darn it, Slime Rancher 2 is going to be Early Access. For how long, I wonder?

Man, I can’t believe how much I’m chomping at the bit to try Deathloop and Grounded, this week and next week respectively.

I know Valheim is coming to Xbox (with cross-play) nsxt year, but things like that on PC GP really make me want to install Windows on my Deck.

But Grounded should be a fine substitute until then. A friend and I kicked it around a year ago and had fun, and we’re looking to get back to that with the full release. He’s on PC, though, and we had problems with voice chat at the time, had to switch to Discord via my phone for chat. Hopefully the new discord integration should help with that…

I’ve tried to play this, and really enjoy it - but every single time I’ve been run over by a giant spider shortly after starting playing the game, and I REALLY dont like that.

I thought Slime Rancher 2 was coming out today so I went to Game Pass to install it… and it’s not showing up anywhere. I swear I once saw it on the “coming soon” list but it’s not there any more and when I search for it I get no results. My google skills say it’s going to be available on Game Pass tomorrow, so this is pretty weird. Maybe there will be a new executible to download or some such.

September 22, so tomorrow, I think.

Yes, tomorrow is the release. I thought it unusual that it was on the list and now has disappeared. Or perhaps I’m going crazy.

Thanks for mentioning this. I now know to skip this game.

Just FYI, Grounded does have an arachnophobia mode. The spiders are still there, just kind of, uh, un-spiderfied?

I’d encourage everyone to try this unique title before it goes away. Like I said, I decided it wasn’t for me, but I loved spending about an hour just checking it out. Great multiplayer concept with brain-bending strategy and action but lately I haven’t really been into multiplayer gaming.

Deathloop is pretty good, so glad I held out and waited until it got onto Game Pass.

From that link:

I still hear the name of this game and think of the Matt Damon movie. I probably need to watch the Matt Damon movie now and get it out of my system.

Let’s Build A Zoo (Cloud, Console, and PC) – September 29
Let out your wild side with this cute management sim! Import and breed rare creatures, hire the right staff, keep your visitors happy, and deal with plenty of weird and wonderful events. Then try your hand at DNA Splicing, and stitch together over 300,000 different types of animals!

Yeah, enjoying the first little bit.

The ship breaker game is pretty cool.

I’m finally getting around to trying As Dusk Falls and it’s pretty interesting in a Telltale kind of way. But they got the fellow who voices Adam Jensen in the recent Deus Ex games to do one of the main characters. And it’s fine but a bit distracting to hear his voice coming out of this schlubby, self-doubting character.

I finished As Dusk Falls yesterday and absolutely loved it, game of the year so far for me. Very happy that they ditched the boring bits from the Tell Tale style games and just got on with the story.

Oops! My PC Game Pass subscription just ran out after three years. I forgot to turn off auto-renew so now I’ve [GASP] paid full price for October. But I turned off the recurring payment so I’ll do the Xbox Gold conversion in a month.

I have been playing Unsighted as it will go out of gamepass and the end of the month, and it got in the top 10 of some people in 2021. It’s a good action/metroidavania, the combat is decent, with emphasis on parries and stamina management (gos I’m so bad at parrying in games), the player progression is very interesting as you have to use the same currency for everything (new slots for chips, weapon upgrades, buying stuff, etc) but the main dish here is the exploration.
It feels old school in the sense that just reaching the area you have to go is hard, and it has well integrated puzzles in this world progression. You never know if you are missing something obvious in an area to be able to pass, or you are supposed to find a roundabout path, or you are supposed to find a key in some other place to use before, or you are supposed to do another section in the world map before that will give you a new traversal ability. You alao find lots of closed doors or blocked on passages that are really shortcuts you can open from the other side.

Of course there is a tradeoff,this lack of handholding that be frustrating sometimes.

The other big thing the game does is related to the story, as every npc is… dying and you have limited resources for you and for everyone to extend their lives until a solution is found, so you have to be choosy in who lives.

Deathloop seems actually pretty cool, but unfortunately I keep getting crashes, which is super annoying.