~The Game Pass Thread~

So does that mean you have to keep replaying the same areas? #metadeathloop

An update on Tinykin: I’ve been playing it with my son since the release, which has been on the one hand a delight, and on the other hand absolute torture because the things that grab his interest are not the things that grab mine (Oh look water! I can blow myself up!), but finally, FINALLY, we finished the first level yesterday because I got the controller away from him long enough to actually complete some objectives. But then I wanted to finish up the level before moving on, but he just wanted to move on, so we moved on. Hopefully I can go back later to the first level to get the rest of the golden popcorn.

The game says we’re only 5 hours into the game, but I swear it feels like a LOT more than that.

I don’t think I felt quite that strongly about it. I do agree it was a very well put together game, with strong characters and an interesting story. But I felt the QTEs, which were basically the only gameplay in the darn thing, got pretty aggravating. I do think they did a really good version of a Telltale game, probably better than Telltale ever did. I liked the little branching narrative the gave you, with the option to jump in and try alternate options at varying points along the way - some of them allowed you to diverge quite a bit, though of course they always ended up looping back to the same plot points eventually. Glad I played it.

I probably would turn QTEs off if they made a sequel, they definitely didn’t add anything to it. Quite happy for that kind of game to just be a story that I nudge in certain directions.

Scorn, which will release day one on Game Pass, is actually getting its release date bumped up one week to October 14. Still looking pretty freaky.

Scorn is the perfect GP game, it’s something that I’m mildly interested in but would never consider buying anywhere near full price. And yet I get it day one.

I played through the intro last night and had zero problems on my XSX.

I couldn’t finish any of my leaving backlog other than Calvary (so weird!), but I’ll be buying AI Somnium. The “smell it harder” scene made me drop my controller. :D I hope next week’s goodbyes aren’t as overwhelming. There’s a spreadsheet that says it’ll probably be these:

  • Back 4 Blood
  • Marvel Avengers
  • Riftbreaker
  • Ring of Pain
  • Sable
  • Scarlet Nexus
  • Superliminal
  • Tainted Grail
  • the Good Life

Vampire Survivors’ll have an update later this month with the 1.0 content & achievements.

I wanted to try Riftbreaker but never got around to it. I did play Sable though, it’s pretty good.

Same- I should give it a spin before it leaves. Wondering how it plays with a controller.

Tainted Grail I could have seen myself dropping tons of hours into, tried it on Xbox, but it played much better on kb + m for me. I’ve just put so much time into slay the spire, and I like the couch + Tv so much more than the pc now. I’ve turned into a console pleb.

Tainted Grail is a wonderful game. I’m really looking forward to the next in that series (which has gone from being a digital conversion of the board game into some kind of 3D rpg, but I don’t care)

I installed it and now it says leaving soon under the program.

Ring of Pain is also marked leaving. That’s a fun little one to fire up every now and then on the cloud. Only takes a few minutes to play, unless you’re trying to win. :)

Under leaving soon on the PC Game Pass app, I see listed:

  • Bloodroots
  • Sable
  • Ring of Pain
  • Echo Generation
  • The Good Life
  • Into the Pit

All for 10/16/22.

You know, I have heard this from various people, but I still have tainted memories of the board-game…

There is something seriously wrong with the PC gamepass client search. I typed tainted grail multiple times with no hits. Finally I used a browser to look for it. Then a minute later the search result shows up on the xbox client. This has happened before with other titles.

The Xbox client is hot garbage.

It’s still better than the EA Play app, last time I tried that. Has that gotten much better?

At least the Xbox client app is actually getting better. For example, when I uninstall games now, it removes them from the list! Yay!

It isn’t the board game, fwiw. At this point, there isn’t going to be a straight digital adaptation. The existing title is among the best roguelite deckbuilders.

Chivalry 2 gets a surprise drop on Game Pass tomorrow -