~The Game Pass Thread~

I saw this listed as a Day One Game Pass game for this week (Oct 6th), and I’m not going to lie, this trailer gave me a very poor first impression.

Edit: Hmmm, it has very positive reviews on Steam though. And it’s been out of early access since Sept 2021?

It’s been on Gamepass for the PC for a while now. I enjoyed it, but it felt very slow moving.

Pretty killer month coming up. I’m really looking forward to Plague Tale and Scorn.

Dyson Sphere Program could be cool too, but I somehow doubt a game can really capture the coolness of a Dyson Sphere, which has got to be its sheer size, right?

I’m wondering whether scorn is going to be anything more than just a kind of mediocre game with a gross veneer.

That’s very possible! I’m looking forward to finding out though.

I watched someone playing a bit of Scorn on twitch over the weekend, it looks more interesting than I had originally thought. More adventure and exploration than FPS, which I originally had thought.

DSP is a Factorio-like game where you use the production products from several planets to eventually build a Dyson Sphere.

What I fear is that the first 3 or 4 hours will be good, but after that the novelty of the visual style will grow stale and the game will turn into gimmicky or repetitive.

DSP is great. Play it now before they ruin it with combat.

Word. There are few games that need combat less.

Ya, I can see that… on some level, it actually reminds me of Shadowman, if anyone played that game back in the day.

Whatever though, the beauty of gamepass is that if it sucks, whatevs!

I’m a fan of all 5 franchises that will be getting anniversaries soon.

We’ll, I haven’t played very much of the Dishonored games yet. So maybe I shouldn’t call myself a fan of that one yet. Sheesh, it’s already been 10 years since I bought Dishonored? I’d better get on that.

The Forza anniversary sounds like a good time to buy Forza Horizon 4 since it will be 67% off.

Finished “You Suck at Parking”.
It doesn’t get better if you weren’t enjoying it. More frustrating than fun.

I would recommend playing the first few levels though.

Try it on xCloud for extra challenge! :D

Anyone try Medieval Dynasty on Xbox. I’m intrigued, but I read mixed reviews of the Steam EA.

Really? Its getting “Very positive” on steam? There will always be someone who doesn’t care for something. If you have gamepass -try it! its free!

For what it wants, it does so very well. Personally, I get motion sickness from playing it unfortunately, so I haven’t played it more than a few hours over a few times, but I enjoyed it then.

Definitely something going haywire over at Game Pass HQ. Cloud Gaming is gone from the PC app, and age verification is blocking me from installing anything on the PC side.

Ugh, what?

Cloud gaming was how I enjoyed playing a good bit of Yakuza: Like a Dragon on very warm summer days in my upstairs room without turning it into an oven.

You’re in luck. Seems to be fixed now. Cloud gaming is back on the menu, boys.

Maybe there was a reason for that brief service interruption-- Microsoft is releasing a dedicated xCloud box. Eventually.

It’s not entirely clear why, when any relatively modern phone, tablet, smartTV or streamer box can handle it just fine, but there it is.

I thought only the newest Samsungs were able to do Xcloud. I would love a little stick I could put into my other TV’s to allow me to play on whichever one is available.