~The Game Pass Thread~

You know what? I think I actually confused 4 and 5. Feel better now 😁

I’ve heard The Forgotten City is worth playing. Xbox app says 5-8 hours.

Backbone looks interesting. 4-6 hours.
This Alan Wake is short too. 3-4 hours.

It’s nice to have a break from trying to play all these long games in two weeks.

I managed to finish Echo Generation 2 hours before it left. You guys didn’t miss much if you didn’t play it. Gorgeous, but it was basically all fetch quests & QTE battles. I had to use a guide several times.

PC - Checked out the EA Play section and noticed Dragon Age Inquisition includes the expansion DLCs. I don’t know if that’s new or not, but they weren’t there when I played on console.

I finished it too. It was short, fortunately.

And yeah, really beautiful pixel art style…probably the best I’ve ever seen. The game itself was nothing special, but I enjoyed running around the world.

It definitely is.

If you haven’t played Soma… you should play it. Its a mind bending existential despair type game. really cool! I thought Amnesia was good but Soma tops it tenfold.

I got through the starter quests, but didn’t find it compelling enough to prioritize it over other stuff. Did not care for the battle system in particular.

It’s my turn soon to let Game Pass expire and do the three-year Xbox Live $1 upgrade discount maneuver. I have a couple quick questions:

How do we feel about CDKeys? They’re cheapest right now at $51.something vs. $59.99 elsewhere. Legit? Safe? Morally reprehensible?

I’m a PC Game Pass subscriber… do I need to upgrade to Ultimate to do this?


Don’t know about CDKeys for Xbox codes, but yes you need to go Ultimate for this deal.

It doesn’t show up under new games, but Vampire Survivors left Game Preview/Early Access, so you can install the full game on the PC Game Pass app now. I just remote installed it using the app. Quite excited to finally try it.

I uninstalled the “Preview” and installed the regular one, fired it up, and was treated to what felt like 5 minutes of dings as all sorts of achievements popped up.

Got it. Thanks!

I assumed this is mentioned above before…I’m still “working for microsoft points” everyday by playing their MS Rewards stuff on the XBox and the Edge browsers on PC and mobile. I’ve been able to earn enough points every month to redeem a 1-month sub of Ultimate. I probably spend about 1/2 hour doing this every day.

I think I began doing this about 1 year into my 3 year Gold->Ultimate flip, and I still have 1.5 years left in my subscription. I’m pretty sure I’ve gone past 3 years by now…I should look it up.

It’s funny that after all this time, I still haven’t downloaded any Halo or Gears of War games to play. That was the original draw for me.

My 69 year old mother has played the first two games and eagerly awaits the third. I don’t know if that tells you anything. I haven’t played them. I just know she likes puzzle games and is frustrated by WASD controls.

It’s inconceivable that we don’t have a review of Frog Detective here from @jpinard.

Eurogamer gave this the rare “Essential” rating.

I can’t tell you what events literally happen in Signalis, the debut game for studio Rose Engine, or in what order they occur. The entire game is an intentionally hazy nightmare. But how it made me feel is clear as day, because it is a profoundly affecting experience, both in the unnerving dread of its moment to moment exploration and fighting and also in the larger arc of its story: a rumination on identity and memory that haunts me. I’ve thought of little else since I finished it. Now, as if struck by a cosmic curse, I intend to bring anyone who will listen into the fold of this masterful survival horror.

In the simplest terms, Signalis is a throwback to early Resident Evil games or Silent Hill, minus the tank controls.

Not unexpected.

And, just because this seems to be speculated about constantly, Spencer also states that Game Pass is profitable for MS.

No, it can’t be, and it is bad for gamers.

I missed that this was a two part tweet - looks like console GP growth is slowing, PC still growing at a good pace.

Honestly, I’m kind of surprised that there are still folks who have XBoxes without Gamepass.

I mean, I’m not really surprised, but it still seems so weird to get an XBox and not gamepass, because gamepass is the main reason for owning an XBox, to me at least.