~The Game Pass Thread~

I’d been looking for things that might youngest daughter might like, and found Pupperazzi the other week. She got to play a little bit that day, but then had to do some other things. She went to play again on Tuesday, and wasn’t able to. So I went to take a look at it, and dang it, it is no longer on Gamepass. So we might need to buy that one.

Sure. Most of the gameplay, the weird pervy stuff out of nowhere, the “2D” guy, and sometimes having no idea how to progress. I did like putting the manga together & some of the statement shooting stuff.

I probably would’ve really enjoyed it if it was a regular visual novel, so I’ll try the anime.

This has been working well for me.

The Playstation 4 Taiko just went on sale if anyone’ll miss that game. 90% off, so like 5 bucks. I think it has more songs, and about half of them are duplicates.

I started watching Peppa Pig on Paramount+ yesterday with my son, he really liked it so I started the Peppa Pig game on game pass today.

…and we just finished it about 40 minutes later. That’s my main complaint with it. It’s the shortest game I’ve played since Full Throttle. But with Full Throttle you get a full story. With this game, you just do some nice wholesome family activities and then it’s over. If this wasn’t on game pass but an actual purchase I would feel kind of pissed, I suspect.

But since it is on Game Pass, it made for a nice afternoon activity.

I’m having a ball with monster hunter rise.

Is it similar to the Soulsborne games? Fighting bosses? Or is it very different?

You have never played monster hunter? Rise is very much like monster hunter world.

Is much less brutal than souls games, with a much bigger focus on crafting and stuff.

The main gameplay loop is
Do missions to hunt monsters
Harvest body parts from those monsters
Use monster parts to craft better gear
Do harder missions

Then there’s all kinds of other side stuff like training familiars to accompany you, or send off on their own missions to harvest materials, etc.

It’s… Very Japanese? I’m not sure how else to describe it.

If you’ve never played monster hunter, it’s definitely worth checking out, it’s fun.

What are the main differences from World? I had fun with that, but just kind of petered out eventually.

It’s mostly the same game, maybe new monsters and maps? It’s going to have an expansion pack coming out soon, I believe.

There is the addition of a few different mechanics. There’s a fortress defense mode, and a new thing that lets you customize weapon move sets which is cool.

For instance, I always run the charge blade.

Normally, there’s a mechanism where you can do various moves and charge up the shield, then use that to charge up the sword. This new mechanic let’s you choose to swap out the thing that charges up the sword, for a move that instead morphs into axe mode and turns the head into a spinning chainsaw. Each weapon has numerous move switches that let you customize how you use it, which is pretty cool.

I found this pretty funny as it took me something like four years to finish Full Throttle after I couldn’t get through the minefield the first time I played it.

2 days before I can do the conversion gambit. Hopefully they don’t announce killing it at developer direct tomorrow. :)

I played Full throttle in 2001 or 2002. It was old by that point and I got it for $5 at half-price books. I didn’t have a TV for the previous 3 years so I was really starved for narrative content. It was the first adventure game I played where if I ran into a puzzle I couldn’t solve, I immediately went to Gamefaqs and looked up the solution instead of trying to bang my head against it. Like I said, I was starved for narrative content and didn’t want anything to interrupt the story. I loved it, but it is still the shortest game I’ve ever played, I think.

And it’s not off topic, because Full Throttle Remastered is on Game Pass! I recommend it. If you get stuck, look up the solution! :)

Full Throttle, Day of the Tentacle and Grim Fandango are all on Game Pass and still totally worth checking out.


Weren’t folks trying to argue that gamepass subscriber growth had slowed or something?

Slowed growth still results in new highs. That’s how math works.

Were they near 120M users then?

I thought they only had 25-30 million Game Pass subscribers? How are they counting 120 million?

From our own forums, apparently back in the beginning of last year, they were around 25M active users, and brad was saying they had already captured all their likely users and so subscriber growth was slowing.