~The Game Pass Thread~

I dont know who does the curating for GP, but pretty much everything they have on GP has been well worth playing. Even the family games like the Disney Farmville game is worth it!

Yeah, the curation is so good and seems to only be getting better.

Except for CrossfireX and a few exceptions, of course. The recent Gungrave also got really poor reviews, so I stayed away from that too. But considering that they chose most of these games early in development when it’s hard to judge how the games will turn out, they have a really good eye.

After reading that, I have to give this a try.

It’s definitely worth checking out of you haven’t. It’s a very cool game, but definitely brutal.

Please come back and let us know how your new keyboard is, after you smash your current one into oblivion!!

Things that joined in March 2022 that I’m slightly worried might leave in March 2023:

  • Tunic
  • Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

I started both games, both seem good but wasn’t in the right mood to tackle them at the time. I should tackle them soon. Just in case.

I agree about Tunic… I want to play that before it goes away, or at least give it a proper try.

I own Guardians of the Galaxy on Steam so there’s no time pressure if it leaves, but I wish I didn’t. Leaving Soon is great for motivation and I could use some. I stalled out on GotG around the 7 hour mark. Nice graphics and story but the gameplay is kind of just there.

4 previews here. Three of games I was already looking forward to, and one that I didn’t remember. (A first person Mech farming game?)

I’d go with this one. While Tunic seemed cool and I enjoyed it for a little while, I just stopped enjoying it and moved on. The gameplay isn’t great in Galaxy, but those characters are so good.

I love Guardians of the Galaxy, it’s like Mass Effect with worse combat. I mean, if you’re into combat maybe skip it because it’s fairly forgettable, at least until you get further in and develop more skills and strategies but early going is pretty basic. But I had a blast ripping around the galaxy getting into trouble.

I’m weighing whether I want to play Tunic or not. My understanding is that it has Souls-like combat which is a big turn-off for me, but that you can turn on invincibility or something to mitigate that. So … dunno yet.

I’m pretty sure there’s two ways to temper the difficulty of combat. One is to turn off the fatigue meter that limits the number of times you can dodge-roll and reduces your damage when fatigued. The other is no-fail mode where you don’t take damage from attacks. You can turn them on and off any time, so you can start the game and find the right level for yourself.

I don’t play soulsy games, and I couldn’t get on with more combat-centric games like Death’s Door, but I played Tunic (without any of those helpers on, actually) and loved it. It’s not really about the fighting, which is why its a shame they went just a little too hard-core with that part. For me, the combat was definitely tricky at first, but I found I got used to it to the point where there were just a few boss battles that were hard (and a tad frustrating at times). I wouldn’t have had any compunctions about easing the fights with those helper options, and you shouldn’t either. There’s so much to enjoy outside the combat.

Tunic goes out of its way to let you know that if you aren’t hardcore enough, you might as well move on. I was not up to the challenge.

I played Tunic for a couple hours, but just couldn’t get into it. I think the art style kind of turned me off as well. Still, I appreciate what it’s doing, even if it’s not for me.

I strongly urge those who are intimidated by Tunic’s apparent difficulty to give it a chance, it is not remotely as punishing or demanding as a Souls game, even without turning on the no-stamina or no-damage modes. If I was able to get to the end, just about anyone can.

What annoyed me in the beginning when I was trying it is you had to do a number of fights again if you died. I can’t remember if it was the whole level or not, but that was annoying. I imagine it wouldn’t have been so bad once I got used to the game though.

My girlfriend likewise tried Tunic and was put off by the difficulty in the beginning. Then she watched me play and was like, “Wait…you don’t have to fight everything?” Indeed not, and in fact before you get the sword (I hope the presence of a sword is not a spoiler) many fights are dumb if not suicidal to engage in.

There were only a few particular parts of Tunic which got kind of bitchy in terms of difficulty.

I think we knew about most of these already. Maybe not Mount & Blade II and Shadow Warrior 3? Since Wild Hearts is an EA published title, they’ll have a 10 hour trial for GPU as part of EA Play.

Shadow Warrior 3 has been teased to be coming for a bit. I tried the previous Mount & Blade on GP a while back and the controls seemed awful. Perhaps they’ve worked on that for this version. I might try out the WH demo, but I dou t I’ll buy.

We wait with baited breath for your return to regal us with tales of begone mechanical travesties sent to the terrible emptiness.