~The Game Pass Thread~

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Some nice additions there. I enjoyed the 10 hour demo of EA PGA Tour, so it will be nice to play that some more. I’m always up for more racing games (currently loving Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 though, so probably won’t get to Lego 2K drive for a while).

I saw a trailer for Harold Halibut a few weeks ago. It looks adorable.

D4 has sucked me in to its grasp. Thanks, GP!

I bought Lego 2k Drive for my kids a couple months ago and kind of regret it. I really don’t like the feel of the racing in it (though my kid enjoyed it). Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 is a much better arcade racing game.

The only thing I can’t figure out in Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 is their campaign mode’s structure. I have it set to Easy so my son can play it, so we keep winning races and keep unlocking new ones and winning skills and other things, but there’s no indication in the interface where we can use those things, and it’s confusing on the map why we unlock certain events and not others. It’s a mess of highways.

Oh well, we keep going though, the racing itself and the course design is fun. My son also has fun sometimes just hoping off the track and just exploring the rooms. It’s like TinyKin, except you’re exploring the giant rooms in a car instead of as a small person.

What is Lil Gator Game, is that a kids game? Harold Halibut does look awesome, I’m definitely playing that. And after playing Strange Horticulture I could definitely go for more green thumb games, have to check out Botany Manor. I imagine some people will be disappointed that there isn’t a big new AAA game showing up in Game Pass but getting to play a bunch of these smaller indie kind of games is where I’m getting my money’s worth from the deal.

Lil Gator Game is very much in the lineage of A Short Hike, I believe, with a bit more story.

I was really interested in Botany Manor as well, but unfortunately it is no Strange Horticulture. Luckily, it’s Game Pass, so it doesn’t hurt to try it and see if you disagree. For me, the puzzles are few and far between and very contrived, and the environment is just not very interesting. I will be crossing my fingers that the release version is incredibly improved from the early version I played.

That bums me out a little bit because I kinda hated A Short Hike. I know, everybody loved that game. Except me.

Well, you’re a weirdo, but this might be worth trying anyway because I think the narrative wrapper gives it a little more immediate appeal.

But maybe I’ll try Gator Game anyway.

Price of EA Play going up. It’s still a part of Game Pass Ultimate, but I wonder if that will continue to be the case.

A pair of reviews for Harold Halibut, which should be on Game pass soon

I think everything here has been announced before except Have a Nice Death and Orcs Must Die 3.

Leaving April 30th. Anything worth playing?

  • 7 Days to Die (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • Besiege (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • EA Sports NHL 22 (Console)
  • Loot River (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • Pikuniku (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • Ravenlok (Cloud, Console, and PC)

Give me NHL on the PC you cowards.

7 Days To Die is my favorite survival/crafting/sandbox-type game, but it’s a long haul. Probably wouldn’t get far in a week.

Not gonna miss Loot River! I thought that was such a great concept but the game was a total dud.

RickH gave Ravenlok a thumbs up upthread. I’ll try to check it out before April 30th if I can.

51+ gigs for Harold Halibut is a bit much!

I was a bit surprised by that; I guess all the stop motion claymation footage takes up space.

I have been even more surprised to see how it puts my gpu to 100%!!!

Then again, I also noticed it’s the type of game that looks almost the same if I cut the resolution in half.