~The Game Pass Thread~

That’s great news! I’ve been wanting to try Lords but haven’t bought it yet.

Unfortunately, my wife and I are going to Bermuda together at the end of May. Perhaps I should cancel the trip or hire a male escort to accompany her instead so that I can stay home and hack away at corrupted pilgrims and shrouded remnants. Yes. That is a good idea.

Lords of the Fallen is very good.

Is this the original Lords of the Fallen or the Reboot/Remake (Remoot? Rebake?).

It’s the latest one! Rebooted and remade and ready to rumble.

Nice! I’ll slot it into my Game Pass soulslike backlog. Currently almost done with Wo Long (stuck on a post game DLC boss). Then I just need to play Lies of P, Remnant 2, and Another Crab’s Treasure before I get to this one!

Edit: Oh, and Jedi Survivor! I knew I was forgetting one.

I’d maybe save it for last, as I can’t find any good way of making the controls “properly “ soulslike with r1 r2 as light and heavy attacks and that really messes me up.

side note
, Lies of p is just soooo long

I’ve been enjoying Another Crab’s Treasure on and off since release. Killing some fish here, some crabs there. Floating amongst the plastic bottles and little bits of microplastics everywhere is so surreal. I love it when the messaging is so in-your-face all the time. It’s so weird playing a bright happy kids game on the one hand (the story and art) vs something so brutal (the setting of a plastic-hewn reef and Souls-like gameplay) on the other hand. I would think it wouldn’t work, but I can’t help but be drawn back to it again and again.

Oh wow. Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow. Wow.

Some great stuff coming. Some we knew about, some are a surprise. I almost pulled the trigger so many times on Chants of Sennaar, but the sale price wasn’t low enough for me yet.

Ha yeah, I’ve had Chants of Senaar on my wishlist for a while, that’s a good pull for this month.

I didn’t realise this would work. I would have asked for something else.

Galacticare looks like it could be amusing. I hope the hospital administrators are Ferengi.

Give me Mr. Bismarck’s power you cowards.

Oh wow, an avalanche of games I’ve wanted to try but never wanted to buy! Perfect.

Aveum predictions pan out.

Aveum wasn’t much of a prediction, it was always going to come to EA Play and then, by extension, game pass.

Looks like MS is going to pull the trigger:

The rumor is it will happen as part of a new tier with a higher price.

Oh? Where’s that rumor from?

Well, we’ll know more in June.