~The Game Pass Thread~

Meh, I hope my Game Pass doesn’t cost more just because of a game I’ve never played. I suppose it will though.

Maybe I’ll finally try the campaign at least. CoD does have decent single player campaigns doesn’t it? Or is that one of the other shooters I haven’t played? I think my total time in games that would be classified as FPS is about 1 hour as I ‘played’ one game of PubG and one of Fortnite just to see them.

I guess there will be a new Premium tier with CoD, and two other big AAA games (a single more expensive tier for only CoD wouldn’t make sense), and the rest will maintain the same price.

Yeah like a 4k sub on Netflix, was always going to happen, PS already has tiered subs

EA and Ubisoft too.

Eh, whatever. IMO they’d already milked CoD until it was barely-differentiated filler. What’s a little more junk added to a pile of same?

I’m not quite sure I’m buying into a random rumor on the Internet just yet. I suppose we’ll see.

Correction, a random rumor on the Wall Street Journal.

Oh wait, you’re talking about the new price tier, not the release of Call of Duty. Yes, the new price tier is a random internet rumor.

That’s the fun thing about the position Xbox is in right now: there’s pretty much no rumor someone can dream up that is entirely outside the realm of possibility. Nobody has a clue what they’re going to do next, possibly including their leadership.

I’m starting to think of it this way: if they can lock some AAA games that I have no interest in playing behind a Duty Pass that badzillions of other player will pay a premium to access year-round, then maybe the mid-tier level will become a better deal for those of us that like to stick with the rest of the gaming field. Hey, if we want to play one of those major AAA games, we’ll bump the sub for a month or so, and then drop it back. The Duty Pass players will more than make up the difference.

I think that’d be a better split than the Xbox/PC divide. Just merge those two into one and make the split based on the games included.

Oh yeah, I have no doubt cod is coming to gamepass. I mean, I’m pretty sure everyone knew that with the acquisition of Activision.


Even the decision to put CoD on GP could be reversed in the next 6 months.

Three free months of PC game pass for anyone with a Nvidia GPU, can’t beat that. New members only obviously, can’t use this to extend your 3 year membership from converted XBLG cards purchased from Burma via the grey market. I checked that because it’s what I did.

In terms of actual games, the “Humanity” game is a neat little puzzler that popped up recently. It reminds me of lemmings to some degree.

Yeah, I’m enjoying it too. Fun puzzles with ridiculous visuals.

The Nvidia thing says “no longer available” but it’s supposed to start 6/4. Maybe broke from too many clicks.

Hey woah, I thought they were going to wait until the showcase to announce June games.

Octopath Traveler 1 and 2! Callisto Protocol and Still Wakes the Deep, I’ll be playing all of those.

Depersonalization is described as a table top RPG, what does that mean in terms of being a computer game?

I think that’s the trifecta of free for Callisto Protocol now. PS Plus, PC, and Xbox.

I beat Callisto Protocol on PS5, thought it was fair (6.5/10), not nearly as good as the Dead Space remake.

GamePass is just incredible value now. So many games I’ve wanted to play are making their way.