~The Game Pass Thread~

What’s the difference between PC game pass and ultimate? Cloud playing? I don’t have an xbox.

Xbox and cloud access.

If you just use PC, save yourself the 7$ a month, unless you want to stream cloud games on your phone/other devices.

So a guide for those of us who don’t have an XBox console:

  • If you currently have an Ultimate subscription, PC Game Pass codes convert at 3:2.
  • There’s no way to manually convert your subscription to PC Game Pass so you can use codes at 1:1
  • When the Ultimate subscription expires, it should convert to PC Game Pass automatically and start charging you monthly. It says $9.99/mo on my account page, but I’m guessing that will change to $11.99/mo in September this year.
  • I don’t think the codes expire, so you probably could buy them now at $30 for 3 months and then redeem them after your account converts.

If you’re just starting a brand new subscription, subscribe to PC Game Pass and not Ultimate.

Helpful info:

I followed the advice from that article for existing UGP members and got 6 codes of 3 months Game Pass Core from Eneba, each of which converted to 50 days of UGP, so I extended my time by 300 days for $73.14. So about $7.32 a month, which is not a bad rate. I’m happy with that, and I’m good up to June 30th, 2027 now. I just need one more code redemeption in September like that, which should keep me good up to mid-to-late August 2027.

They probably do, I have seen expiration dates on them, but every time it has been like… 2030 or something like that, so I doubt there would ever be a problem waiting to redeem until 2025.

That’s what I get for not reading the article. OK I did this too and now am good through April of 2027. Cost was more like $8.10/month with Eneba’s service fee included.

Did you use the little code to get 8% off the base price before the service fee was added?

I did the same, using the guide and via Eneba with the discount code. My sub for Ultimate was up in Nov it looks like so bought 8 3-month codes to push expiry by 400 days. That should give me enough time to decide if I want to bother with the console at all. Pretty decent deal, although the conversion when using PayPal resulted in a slightly higher charge than Eneba estimated it’d be.

@Rock8man – Thanks a million – worked like a charm!

After some thought, I’m really close to cancelling my game pass until MS figures out what the hell they are doing. I don’t play enough GP games to justify paying $20 a month and the other tiers just seem too neutered in comparison (the PC one looks ok, but I play mostly on Xbox). I’m sure I’m not the only person who feels like this.

No, you aren’t the only one that balks at $20+ a month for what they get. That’s why the deal(s) described above are the way to go in the short term if you don’t want to opt-out entirely.

But really, I’ve hit saturation with monthly/annual subs to services like this (gaming, movie, tv, music streaming). That’s why I’ve started in on the cancellations, waiting for the content to build up before I hit the release valve and sub again for a month or two.

I’ll definitely need to re-evaluate in July 2027. Until then, $7-$8 for Ultimate is a no brainer, might as well extend it as much as I can while I still can.

As for what I’ll think in July 2027? I honestly don’t know in 2024. Back before Microsoft made ultimate such a cheap deal, I used to get Game Pass like I get Netflix, for a month or two a year. Maybe I’ll go back to that? It will probably depend on the games and the situation with Xbox in 2027. There’s just too many unknowns between now and then.

Lol, I think that 20$ a month isn’t that crazy, but that is because of how completely jacked up the pricing on the entire streaming services landscape has gotten. Netflix is 15$ a month, and they continue to have less and less stuff that I watch. (Hell, it is 23$ a month if you want 4k!!) They keep turning up the knob on the boiling pot we are all in slowly enough it is hard to notice.

But, like any service, I think the value comes with how much you use it. I play gamepass games every week, and it has definitely saved me a few 60$ purchases. But, then again, I am not paying nearly close to 20$ a month, I think I am probably averaging closer to 12$ a month by buying discounted GPU cards.

It still feels like Microsoft hasn’t tuned the price/usability to the right degree yet. There are some months when I am happy, like playing through the 70$ Persona 3 remake as part of my ~12$ a month sub, but then other months I am just playing a lot of indie games that are probably only 10-25$ purchase saved.

At $20+ CAD a month, I’d have to be playing and completing a major game on the service once every three months. For some, that works well. For me, I was managing one a year but Ultimate was super cheap early on and it worked out. Now, not so much when my free time is split between other platform and other media (books, streaming tv/movies).

I was quite happy with Wasteland 3 and Starfield, for example, which paid for their respective release years easily.

So I get this email today about the $20/month thing, but that only kicks in once my membership expires, I hope? I don’t just get credit for what I’ve spent and get charged an additional amount.

I assume I got the same email as you, which says:

Thank you for being an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member. We are planning to update our prices so that we may continue to bring you more value and great games for the very best gaming experience. Starting September 12, 2024, you will be charged $19.99 plus applicable taxes every renewal period.

The part I italicized is slightly misleading at a glance. What it’s saying is that starting September 12, the next time after that date when you will be billed whenever that happens to be, you’ll be billed at $20/month. The email also has a link to view your Microsoft account when you can see when that will actually affect you. Going there I still see my Game Pass paid through June of 2026, which is correct for the last time I topped it off at the 3 year cap about a year ago.

Nothing here that wasn’t already announced. A great group of games coming this week.

Sad that we’re losing A Short Hike and Venba.

Kunitsu!, Flintlock!

They may be increasing the price, but it’s a good selection of new 8/10 games. I’m playing right now Journey to the Savage Planet and it’s a nice exploration based metroidvania