The Game: total crock or actually interesting?

So on the BART ride in this morning I was sitting next to a young yuppie reading what looked like the Bible (leatherette cover, red bookmark ribbon). But when I peeked over I saw it was a copy of that book The Game, reputedly a high-end pickup manual.

Peeking periodically it looked like equal parts Penthouse soft porn and Win Friends And Influence People self-help confidence booster.

So I am wondering. Anyone read it? Is it a total crock of shit or is it worthy of perusal? This is all completely irrelevant in my case as I’m happily married, but nonetheless I have a bit of what-if-I’d-read-it-when curiosity going on. So, those of you who’re still single, male OR female… is there anything to it, or is it sexist horseshit?

It’s not a pickup manual, it’s the story of a guy who learns to become a pickup artist. Along the way some tricks are shared.

It’s an entertaining read, but I wouldn’t act on anything you find in it until you’ve read the whole book.

Sounds kind of like… “The Secret”.

— Alan

Hey, The Game is tight, but I reckon the ODB is better. R.I.P. ODB!

The Game wishes he was Tupac so bad it isn’t even funny, but he comes off more like Ja Rule.

Papoose is probably this generations new “best rapper alive” though. Check out the “Second Place is the First Loser” mixtape, or the upcoming “Nacirema Dream” which will be on Violator (Busta Rhymes’ label). Papoose got a $1.5 million record contract after being the freestyle champion for months and months in a row on NY radio.

PS everyone knows the best Wu-tang member is the Gza.

I have met most of the main protagonists in that book. A motley assortment of freaks and lunatics in many cases, but sprinkled among them were some very cool guys. Some of the general principles are worth following, but the people who dedicated their entire lives to its pursuit were as strange as you would expect them to be.

I recommend it as a yarn; it’s as much a warning against PUAry as it is a manual.

Now i’ve never read The Game but these sorts of selfhelp books all follow the same formula: giving guys confidence by telling them not to look at women as individuals but to catagorize women and reduce the interaction to a kind of formula. Woman as puzzle box.

These books ring true to some extent because (as i’ve said before), women are confused in general, pulled 20 different ways by sociology, biology, economics, hopes, desires, and necessities, and everything they do is a compromise, and because women are generally taught/raised not to be particuarly self-aware but that it’s “ok” for women to be governed by emotions. Approaching women on the dating scene not as some complicated tangled ball of knots but just “blond vs. brunette, rich vs. poor, homebody vs. slut” is alot easier, makes guys more confident, and as it turns out, helps guys fall into their “gender role” w/re to dating easier.

One of Michael Douglas’ better films! The ending’s a little contrived, though.

Contrivedly awesome.

Check out Wonder Boys for a great movie in which Douglas plays out of character.

I love The Game! But when i told someone that i liked he, he looked at me and sneered “So you liked that he’s working out all his issues?”. Ah… that wasn’t really the point of the movie was it?

Falling Down was better.

Um… not really. At least not more than any book about people getting obsessed is a warning about obsession.

I was “in the scene” around that time, and it changed my life in many many ways that were very very good. I did however, when faced with a lot of the same choices as the folks in that book, basically choose to do the opposite of what they did.

If you want to get a taste of the actual techniques I’d reccomend as a place to start.

How you use them is ultimately up to you.

Falling Down was AWESOME.

We are not the same! I’m an American…you’ re a sick asshole!


There’s a cool industrial song that samples that quote too; I can’t remember if it’s Frontline Assembly.

It’s all what you get out of it, I guess. I didn’t exactly put down The Game thinking “Man, I’ve got to hook up with these guys.” Instead, it gave me a better idea of what the modern PUA game is all about and made me realize I wasn’t interested. (At least not in my currently-taken state.)

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