The game you loved but wouldn't stop crashing

Battle Realms. I am really enjoying the game, but even with the patch, it just keeps crashing… Dammit.

Vietcong, since the 1.30 patch.

Why, GOD?

Fallout 1… at the Military Base… with XP.

Divine Divinity.

Wizardry 8


Metal of Honor: Allied Assault. Crashed during the Normandy landing mission, and I could never get past that.

Shogun: Total War - Warlord Edition. Would no quit to the desktop, so I would have to restart after every session.

master of magic (pre patch 1.31, which made it mostly stable)


Medal Of Honor : Allied Assault.

Plays great single player but as soon as I try multiplayer … Crash City.

Anachronox. I haven’t played it in ages, but the great story line of that game was ruined because of the myraid of crash bugs it was released with (not to mention other crash bugs in the subsequent patches).

Grand Prix Legends.

Hidden and Dangerous. Really really buggy on first release. But a great game that came before all the other WW2 fps games AND is still more tactically fun!


Morrowind, although 90% of the crashes went away when I got rid of my SB Live.

Daggerfall, with a bullet.

Mafia, Morrowind…

Shadowbane. :(

Hands down: Morrowind.

NWN when it first came out and me and a friend were trying to play the OC over the net.