The 'Game' Zone

But the world’s top athletes strive to achieve the state associated with such brain wave activity, known as the Flow State, and sometimes referred to as entering “The Zone”.

I’ve got science for any occasion. Postulating theorems formulating equations.

Looking down the Barrel of a Gun, son of a gun, son of a bitch gettin’ paid gettin’ rich.

Hmmm. I know I have felt this “Flow State”, “Zone” thingee playing b’ball and video games before. It pretty much would be a twitch and/or fighting game as it has to be something all of your senses are focused in on as when playing a sport. Now that I play ball once every couple of weeks and mostly strategy games, I do not think I will get that same experience any time soon. The kind of focus the article talks about is difficult to achieve while on a computer as there are numerous distractions that just will not interrupt you while engaging in your chosen sport.

Are you sure they weren’t referring to the MS “Zone” game multiplayer service? :P

  • Alan

I have experienced this. You just get to that Zen state where everything is going your way and you react and it just works. I have had this happen fairly regularly playing Urban Terror recently and pick up basketball when I was younger.

– Xaroc

Okay, back on topic, I’ve also managed to hit that perfect stride, where your timing just seems impeccable. However, by that same token, the slightest snag can throw everything out of whack and put you off your game. It’s like the thing that happens when you’re forced to use someone else’s control setup. It’s kind of reassuring to know that there’s a scientific (?) basis for this, although the phenomenon itself is well known and I’m sure applies to much more than just games.

  • Alan

Exactly. Playing WC3 on so much (best. automatic. matching. service. ever.) has helped me become an incredibly efficient multitasking machine. Why, just the other night, I realized I could turn on the shower while brushing my teeth at the same time. Think of time savings!