The Game

No, not the old Michael Douglas movie. This book.

It recently got translated to Swedish and I happened to read an interview with the author as he was on a marketing tour here. The subject really caught my attention. I mean, not the fact that people were peddling advice on how to score with women. I’ve seen that stuff all over the net and dismissed it like I do herbal viagra and FrEE Pr0N ads. But to hear it the way he told it convinced me that maybe this stuff was worth taking seriously.

So I bought the book. And I’ll say this, it’s a great book. Even if you have no interest in learning to pick up women the book is a great tale. Mad womanizing adventures all over the world, celebrity guest appearances, a truly original cast of characters and a dramatic ending.

And If you do have some interest in learning to pick up women, well, I’ll go out and say that the book really opened my eyes as to how social interaction with women can be broken down into tiny components and literally gamed for positive effect. So much that I actively went out and hunted down more material on it, because it makes a lot of sense.

It also goes pretty squarely against the grain of contemporary feminist thought. Now, I consider myself enlightened and pretty damn liberal by Swedish standards so the idea of biologist gender roles never really got much credit with me before. But I also know that assholes get girls, so I’m willing to concede that (most, some, all?) women don’t think logically about mating habits and try this out for myself.

Part of me feels pathetic for actually wanting to build game. But fuck it, if it helps me score it’s worth it.

At least it wasn’t the rapper.

I’ll take issue with the first part. While I never hung out with these guys I’m familiar with what they did with the techniques, and they subverted a lot of what makes them work on a personal level and paid a price.

Assholes can get laid, but in the end they’re still assholes, and that doesn’t work out well in the long run.

Yes, the book details the crash and burn at the end quite nicely. And of course the writer has his happy-ever-after relationship with the girl he couldn’t work his techniques on. It starts out as a cinderella story and ends as a demented social experiment gone horribly wrong. But the horror stories aside, these people developed peer reviewed and field-tested ways to get women and the pitfalls involved in the game do not take away the value of having these methods available.

I was “in the scene” back in those days, and it was pretty obvious, to me at least, where those guys were heading.

You can ratchet on all the cool robot parts you want, but if you don’t improve the quality of your frame in the end you’ll tear yourself apart.

You want good tools?

Is that a recommendation then? :)

Seriously, I was making a sweeping statement of everyone involved in this rather curious community when I said “these people”. Ross Jeffries and David DeAngelo included.

And in the end, cool robot parts only do what you let them. If they tear you apart then you only have yourself to blame.

The mysterious second sex is only thus because many guys can’t seem to realize that many women simply want to get laid just like them.

If you want to be a swinger you have to be the kind of guy who tosses hot girls out of bed because they said the “L” word too early in the relationship.

I don’t think it’s just assholes ever get laid. Confident guys whom like being guys get laid. The great paradox for nice guys is that women can’t seem to tell the difference between nice guys and assholes until much later.

One of the great revelations in my life was that women are not fantastically super-evolved humans that float on a superior plane of existence compared to us base guys with only one thing on our minds. I think that’s called Anders syndrome.

I think that’s called Anders syndrome.


This is where reading The Game gets you

I saw The Game at a book store the other day. It’s got like a black faux leather cover and everything. I’m not sure if it’s more irritating or more pathetic.

The great paradox is that women can tell that nice guys are putting them on a pedastel because they can get a better look at what’s in their pants.

One of the great revelations in my life was that women are not fantastically super-evolved humans that float on a superior plane of existence compared to us base guys with only one thing on our minds. I think that’s called Anders syndrome.

Yup. That’s the “secret”. Once you start treating them like people, and realizing that there are good ones and bad ones your life will improve.

Reading the game gets you to pulling hilarious pranks on credulous morons on random interner forums? Dude, I’ve got to get me a copy.

That’s interesting, because sometimes it feels like I’m spending my time online telling guys ad nauseum that if they approached a situation with the realisation that their girlfriends are actual people, rather than the representation of the mystical ideal of “woman”, they’d have less problems.

What the good stuff gives you is the tools for actually changing your beliefs and your behaviours so that you

  1. Actually believe that to be true.
  2. Have tools to act on it.

Getting laid is an excellent carrot. Your old life is the stick.

One powerful thing for me was how much better I was for the women I was dating once I started using this stuff.

The whole book reads like it is written by NextBear, who used to post incessively in OMM forum about his sexual adventures in Australia. In fact, it reads like any other bragging story you tell other guys. Having written a few bragging stories myself, I won’t believe a word that guy is saying. I got a laid every day of the week and I can get any woman I want? YEAH RIGHT. Although the methods, the social manipulations do actually work, to some extent, it IS a dark art.

If all you ever wanted is to pick up chicks, then you can stop reading the book exactly in the middle, because by that time, all the information you need to learn the pick up chicks ‘routine’ would have been revealed to you. But the real moral of the story (I won’t even classify it as a book of non-fiction) won’t come home until you read the final page.