The GBA Poll

As Tyjenks noted, there’s no GBA option in the current poll, so here’s the thread where you can tell us if you’ve got one and which type.


Will probably get an SP if I can find it at a decent price… though I really dislike the form factor. Can’t get my hands around that thing in any convenient way.

I am on a GBA SP list. It is a “when my wife says I can have one list” and not at EB, though. I think Father’s Day is going to be my best bet.

So for now my answer is temporarily Screw Dave Long. Which is not really an option, but still fun to say. :wink:

I have two GBA originals, though I wouldn’t mind trading one in for an SP, but the high price puts me off.

Dave loves the poll…

Heh…I just thought it was kinda dull around here lately.


The SP is probably the best thing ever. At this point I’m considering buying a second one so I can have both colors. Maybe I’ll even import a black one from Japan and use it as the dedicated Gamecube link GBA. I do have the black Gamecube, and we all know how important it is to properly accesorize your consoles.

Actually, a second SP would be nice. Then I could buy Sapphire and play both Pokemon games at the same. Mwahahaha!

We’re definitely on our way to a two GBA household. My wife insisted I get her Pokémon Ruby this past weekend and with Target selling it for $24 until Saturday, I wasn’t about to pass it up. So she’s catching 'em all in Ruby while I do the same in Sapphire.

It’s likely I’ll see an SP for Father’s Day just so she can hold onto the old one for herself. She also digs Metroid Fusion…but that will probably wait until we’ve got the GB Player and the whole family will crowd around that one.


Just got the SP yesterday. Still awed by the size of it.

There should be an option for GBA original + afterburner. I considered getting a new model, but I figured I’d wait a year or two instead…

Good point wumpus…I’d add it if I could…

BTW, three “screw yous” is less than I expected so far. :)


I traded in my old GBA towards my GBA-SP. I still have my GBC collecting dust somewhere, though. I’m still waiting for someone to port Capcom vs. SNK: Card Fighters Clash from Neo Geo Pocket Color to GBA-SP, though.

I probably won’t buy in until we get an english release of Final Fantasy: Tactics Advance, but then I’ll go with the SP.

The SP is nice. I used to determine when and where I’d play my GBA on the basis of the lighting there; now I just use the SP whenever I feel like it and thumb my nose at poor lighting conditions.

And yes–the size of the thing when I first pulled it out of the box was a shock. I had somehow pictured the thing as slightly larger; I was amazed at how compact it is, folded up.

Can I vote again? :wink:

How is everyone who owns the SP feeling about the size? I have only handled the display version at EB, but in seems a bit awkward. I think I have heard one or two who like it better and the same amount who like plain old tired GBA.

I haven’t had too much trouble with it so far, although I’m only playing Zelda: Link to the Past. I find that I tend to hit the shoulder buttons with the palm-side “meat” of my index finger rather than those fingertips. (Hope that translates).


(This sentence completion service provided by SpoofyChop.)

Up to seven “screw yous”! That’s better than three a day. Woohoo!


I also have the GBA with AB. I’like the form factor (compared to the 2 minutes I played MEtroid Fusion at EB the other day on the new one). My brother just got and SP (as did pal Dwinn, who spoke up above) so at least I’ll get to (hopefully) see how they differ with more then demo play.

I’d have considered trading mine in for an SP, but you only get $40 credit (which I don’t have a problem with, it’s just too much to dump ANOTHER $60 for the SP, for me).