The General, All-Purpose Forum Game Thread (that is interesting)

Sure, I’d like to play some Avalon.

I’m in if there’s room.

Who are we missing from the old gang?

A few that are infrequent posters these days. @CF_Kane and @Nikolaj .

And Jostly.

@CraigM brought up an interesting topic in another thread:

We’ve played some games of Deception: Murder in Hong Kong here recently, and it is quite good. I thought about the possibility of playing it on the forum, and the forensic scientist as the moderator looks like a good idea. The special roles and events that can be added might add enough complexity to make it “meaty enough” as a forum game.

Does anyone know if the assets are readily available?

I read the rules on BGG and agree it looks plausible as a forum game. The only rule that will need clarification is the timing of the end of the very final presentation versus players wanting to attempt to solve the crime.

Looks a bit like a cross between a regular hidden roles game and something like Mysterium. Is that a valid assessment?

Not to my knowledge. Not on Vassal at least.

Might see if my FLgS has a copy when I head there for my weekly X-wing night today. Have a bunch of store credit there anyhow.

Problem would be I have no way of translating them to pbf assets.

Tom Vassal referenced Mysterium as an example, and said this completely supplants it as the superior game.

So I would say it would be a valid point of comparison.

Ah yes, the video you linked. Who has time for those? :)

Looks like there is a tabletop simulator module that someone with it could export. I don’t have TTS, but I could run the first game if someone can send me the images from TTS.

Re: timing, I guess we could have the forensic investigator post an acknowledge before the next player can post their prersentation?

I don’t know why this feels familiar to me. Are we sure we haven’t played a forum game before?

I think it came up before but it hasn’t been played as far as I know.

I ran it on Slack a few times. Opinions were mixed, as I recall.

Quite certain.

It has a similarity to Werewolf, in the progression, but is more of a game, and more interesting than the semi random One Night Werewolf.

I can grab it this evening. Notable that TTS mods do not contain any assets, but rather links to assets, so all of the art should be available elsewhere once the links are known.

If you guys do decide to play this as a forum game, count me in.

Me too, would like to try it out. I don’t remember ever seeing the slack game(s)! (Disclaimer: if I was actually in those games and have forgotten, don’t tell me and ruin the surprise.)

Ah, that’s it. I knew we had played it somewhere.

I’m done with being super busy for the time being, so I have begun prep on Decpetion: Murder in Hong Kong. Hopefully I will have the image files ready soon.

Seems like we have reached critical mass for players, but maybe it is best to wait for the second Avalon game to wrap up?