The General, All-Purpose Forum Game Thread (that is interesting)


I think you are right Rho. Good summation. I’d pinged people at BGG and had little feedback. So the question is, who is the Moderator for a first game? :)

I’d gladly moderate future games, but I am not in the position right now to do all the work regarding JPG snapshots of all the cards, &etc the myriad work of preparing for a first time game.


Ok, so regarding BIOS: Megafauna second edition…

We seem to have a full set of players

Have expressed interest and I’ll be playing too.

I will start the thread tonight or tomorrow.


Much the same here. I can probably get to it some time in the new year if no-one else volunteers before then.


I’m up for Republic of Rome, but having not played it, I don’t want to moderate it either.


I’ll tell everyone what; I’ll moderate a game if someone can help me snapshot all the cards into jpegs and whatnot from the Vassal module. You know, can help me go through the rules and module and kind of set up all we’d need for a PBF game here. If we could do that, I’d take up the mantle and run the first PBF game here. Maybe we can wrangle Rome enthusiast @tomchick into playing (who is also of the opinion that games made before 2008 basically are inferior - you know…how Wagner “obsoleted” Mozart, music-wise… I dunno about him sometimes…).

By the way, @Brooski are you interested in playing in a Moderated PBF game of Republic of Rome. You know the “dated” classic by Avalon Hill? Though it’s probably been made obsolete by Pandemic


Sorry, no time for PBF — I would drag the game to a standstill. Good luck though— I love Rep Rome.


No Problema. What is the better Multiplayer political game B? In your opinion? Kremlin or RoR? It’s a tough choice for me, But I have to go with RoR. Both are in the running for “Best Political Boardgame of all time”, IMO.


I prefer Rome for thematic reasons.


If they’re in the module, it should be trivial to extract them.


If you are volunteering, Perky, I’ll take the help.


Sure. I just checked, the module is just a zip file. I’ll try splitting them in folders without knowing the rules, you can improve it later.

EDIT; Hmm, I’ll have to check the rulebook at least, I can’t make heads or tails of what type a card is. A little later, then, there’s time.


OK, cool. After that I’ll look at the rules and see if I need any other “set up” help.

PMing my email address.


I’ll moderate if you help me sort through the rules versions, vassal module versions and cards and whatnot. @Perky_Goth stripped out images from what I am guessing is the latest Vassal Module version (Am I right Perky?).


I should have been a bit more careful about the version, but it’s 2.35 from the wiki, so I think I got it right.


Yeah, the listing there is horrible (no dates or notes on the versions).


I’ve borrowed a physical copy, so if any of the images aren’t up to scratch let me know and I’ll photograph the real cards. Not offering to do that for the full set of cards though. :)


Rho, if I send you a link with the Jpegs mounted, could you sort and audit the items? Make sure we have everything? As well, getting the cards sorted in the right “piles” would be really helpful.

EDIT: Also a scanned copy, or a verified copy of the rules would be great. I just want one that matches up to what you have borrowed.


Yeah. One of my other big time commitments is on temporary pause right now, so I can handle that.


OK, PMing.


It just struck me that at some point in time I could run Pax Renaissance as a prequel-to-New-Angeles forum game.

I managed to get hold of a copy of this one a while back, no expansion, though. Sierra Madre games really go out of print fast.