The General, All-Purpose Forum Game Thread (that is interesting)

Groovy — thank you!

I fell like you’re too worried, just remember the first rule of forum games: I am good so listen to me.

@Knightsaber needs a ping

What? Hi. Yeah I’ll try it.

Splendid! By my count that makes seven!

I’ve written up the thread:
A Forum Game of Blood on the Clocktower

Since it seems the more the merrier, I’ll still take a look. Since I usually suck, you might not want me to do more than that :P.

I’ve played this a couple of times in person but due to time and space constraints we weren’t able to allow private conversations. I suspect it will work really well as a forum game.

Not in, as I lack the time to devote to it, but I’ll lurk.

Blood on the Clocktower game 1 is over, and game 2 is in the pre-production stage. If you’re interested in playing, let me know!

A link to the game 2 thread: