The General, All-Purpose Forum Game Thread (that is interesting)

Yeah, the rules are pretty dense. It’s not actually that complicated to play once you get into the swing of it.

@panzeh Are you interested? @cannedwombat?

I’m willing to give it a try, if you folks can stand the noobness.

OK, so that is you, Me and Juan. @rho21 are you Playing/Moderating? Or just Moderating?

Just moderating seems best. That way I can keep a list of the next bunch of cards in the deck so I can run most of it from work, home or wherever.

You are a scholar and a gentlemen. I’ll be getting pretty hard-core historical and colorful with my posts. We may even have a return of Chicken Guts!


This should be pretty fun, but I wouldn’t want to jump into such a thing before seeing it first. I was terrible enough in that other negotiation game to know it wouldn’t end well. That and time.

Alright, i’m down.

Cool. @Panzeh
1.) Has Played before.

2.) Knows the rules (and how disorganized they are written).

3.) is an overall good fellow.

For anyone who’s watching this thread but missed the new one:

After the holidays are solidly over, say in late January or early February 2019, would anyone be interested in a Play By Forum game of Empires in Arms? I will moderate. We’ll need 7 players.

This is me paying it forward for @rho21’s marvelous game of Republic of Rome.

Republic of Rome forum game

I’m down for this.

Cool, I’d hoped so. :) We’ll need six more.

Oh gosh, sounds interesting. May be a bit more involved than RoR with the board, I’m assuming, being more important?

I’d say about as involved. The board is important…but also not overly complex.

Well, I’m definitely interested. Depends on how active our RoR game is by then.

I am happy to sign up for this one @Navaronegun.

Wow, I loved the period, and owned EiA, but never managed to find a group to play it.

Count me in as a possible (for one of the lesser powers).

Ok, with @Juan_Raigada and maybe @Kolbex that gives us 4 players. I know @Panzeh is interested as well. So that would be 5.

The rules are long, but most deal with very specific situations or units types, or whatnot (Feudal Cavalry, Landwehr units, etc) that really only apply to a specific power at a specific time. Don’t get dismayed or overfocus on that. Just look at the basics and meat and potatoes of the rules, new players.

We should start to have a conversation about Advanced Rules and Options sometime soon as well. I plan to get all arty withnthe game thread, so I won’t start that yet. Maybe in January. Any thoughts on the version of the rules to use? I’m happy with the originals, personally.

Just joined up, I’m in a gaming discord with Panzeh, I’d love to give it a try, I’ll be anyone except France, that’s far too much pressure.