The General, All-Purpose Forum Game Thread (that is interesting)

If @Panzeh vouches for you, you’re ok in my book. Welcome aboard! I’d ask you to take the time to check out this thread, get acquainted, and, if you can (or anyone else playing) consider helping our host here, @tomchick, who makes this place possible. It is his side patio basement rec room (metaphorically) we’re setting our board up in. :)

Again, welcome aboard!

Thanks, glad to be here! I’ll take a gander at the rules, I’d be a lousy lawyer if I didn’t

We still need to decide on a version…there have been so many revisons and whatnot. Personally, I think Vanilla is just fine.

By the way, if you are into wargames, we have a thriving, always contentios Grognard thread that is a lot of fun. 10 years old and still kicking.

And a really enjoyable Republic of Rome thread happening here:

Enjoyable in the sense that we’re all going to die. 😂

Woah. 100 hours? That’s ambitious. I’ll follow this thread, as I’d love to play more PBF here. (@Juan_Raigada’s awesome Bios: Megafauna thread was a blast.) But I… I guess I’m just not hardcore enough for wargaming:( Kinda wish I’d gotten in on that RoR game though; that looks fun.

You’re welcome to anytime Matt. ;)

Wow, ok, I feel like I have to say yes to this, no matter the sanity cost. When else will I ever get such an opportunity? @Navaronegun, my hat’s off to you for agreeing to this.

I have checked out the Matrix Games version of EiA - which is now on sale for 10 bucks.

It seems that still has a few issues with the implementation of the rules - loaned units, sending money around - but I have tested it on a Win 10 machine and it works out of the box after applying the latest patch (1.22). At least, it is still receiving patches, 12 years after release.

I am not sure exactly what is the ruleset they’re using - something called Empires in Harms (?) - but I am wondering whether it could be a good idea to consider running the game over the software (bugs and all) rather than by hand on top of VASSAL.

Vassal. No need for software. As well, with forum tools and the (by nature of PBF play) relatively languid pace the game will have, based on my experience, I don’t think we’ll have an issue.

Tonight, tomorrow, or somesuch, I’ll start an EIA PBF discussion thread where we can leisurely get into the nitty-gritty of the PBF. I think we have enough players to begin that process. ;)

I’m really happy at the response and enthusiasm for this. I think moderating this (and storytelling it as well) will be a pleasure.

Sure, if you think we can handle the bookkeeping and the mechanics just like that, I can’t really disagree.

Yeah, mechanically, what I am thinking is merely using the Vassal Module to “push the cardboard”. All other bookkeeping/accounting will be done in PM threads to which that country’s player and I will have access to. Since the Corps/Fleet contents are limited information until “contact” is made, it defacto makes me the eye in the sky on that data.

Other builds (depots, individual infantry point or Militia builds) will just be placed in those locations in Vassal.

Vassal will just be a big map. I’ll have a master file, and send a copy to whoever’s turn it is to do whatever, qc it for accuracy, and then move it along.

When I used to play EiA PBEM, various moderators would request to be cc’ed on diplomatic emails - for entertainment purposes. I don’t really want to restrict players to Forum PMs for Diplomatic communications, but if they did use the PM function for most Diplomatic communications (say a France - Austrian Embassy Thread and added me as a “cc”) it would certainly make it fun for me and help me with the storytelling aspect of things.

I plan to get a little Jorge Luis Borges meets Thornton Wilder with the storytelling/game as History aspect of things, inventing Apocryphal characters and events to tell the events of the alternate timeline the game will create through the eyes of a Grenadier Captain, a Jesuit Envoy to the Austrian Court, a Mistress of Tsar Alexander II, etc. That sort of thing. So being in on the diplomatic wheelings and dealings should be fun and add spice to that. Though bear in mind, I won’t give up diplomatic information or intelligence to anyone’s advantage or detriment.

OK, it’s time for the discussion thread. I’m already there. Stand by…

This might ne a very slow forum game that does not require a huge time commitment each turn, since I expect a full turn to take 1-2 weeks between a diplomatic phase and all the players doing their land movements (specially since @Navaronegun won’t be doing them and we’ll have to use Vassal).

This is me trying to make you join :P

Aww, it’s so tempting. But it’s too much time investment up front to learn the rules and the historical milieu. (I confess I know nothing about this period of European history.) Even setting up the game: initial unit placements require some knowledge of the rules. I’ve tried to jump into complex PBEM games (e.g. Solarium Infernum) blind before and just ended up floundering and felt like I was shortchanging the other players.

Would anyone be interested in starting a Resistance forum game? People played a lot a few years ago and seemed to have a lot of fun.

I would play in a heartbeat. I might even moderate, if someone can share all the assets with me.

Thank you! I could play or moderate as well, and I could create a template (I have the game and several expansions).

Interested players:
scottagibson (or moderating)
Snebmi (or moderating)

Paging Resistance players!

@rowe33, @Lantz, @CaseyRobinson, @Dave_Perkins, @ChristienMurawski, @CraigM, @Otthegreat

Thanks, @scottagibson! I will join…

I’m pretty sure you’re Merlin.

I’d be interested.