The General, All-Purpose Forum Game Thread (that is interesting)


And you’re definitely evil.


I will play. Dibs on assassin…


Interested players:

Dave Perkins
Snebmi (moderator or player)


While waiting on more players, does anyone have a preference on modules? Avalon with Plot Cards seems standard here, so is that what people want? I have both and could create a template for role sorting and card sorting if someone else wants to moderate.


I think Avalon with plot cards is the richest version of the game. Especially if we can get a full ten players.


I agree, I just wanted to check.


Sure, I’d play


scottagibson (or moderating)
Snebmi (or moderating)
Dave Perkins


I can volunteer. Yeah I’ll probably be Launcelot. It is my lot in life to take the dagger.


Player list:
scottagibson (or moderating)
Snebmi (or moderating)
Dave Perkins

We have 9 people right now, I’ll start the game at 3:30pm West Coast time, if everyone’s okay with me moderating.


I’ll try it.


I prefer the Avalon+Plot Cards hybrid version we play. I’ve always just moderated with a text document and since it is pretty straight forward. We’ve toyed around with replacing cards but I don’t know how successful. In particular the Spotlight card seems to be a waste in the forum format. Slows down the game and doesn’t really put anyone in the hot seat because there’s no pressure like there would be in person…


I agree with you Lantz, on several counts. Avalon+Plot Cards is what I was thinking, plus ITS is almost completely pointless.

Edit: ITS = In the Spotlight


Sure, I’d like to play some Avalon.


I’m in if there’s room.


Who are we missing from the old gang?


A few that are infrequent posters these days. @CF_Kane and @Nikolaj .


And Jostly.


@CraigM brought up an interesting topic in another thread:

We’ve played some games of Deception: Murder in Hong Kong here recently, and it is quite good. I thought about the possibility of playing it on the forum, and the forensic scientist as the moderator looks like a good idea. The special roles and events that can be added might add enough complexity to make it “meaty enough” as a forum game.

Does anyone know if the assets are readily available?


I read the rules on BGG and agree it looks plausible as a forum game. The only rule that will need clarification is the timing of the end of the very final presentation versus players wanting to attempt to solve the crime.

Looks a bit like a cross between a regular hidden roles game and something like Mysterium. Is that a valid assessment?