The General, All-Purpose Forum Game Thread (that is interesting)

I’m playing in four (counting this). I understand your pain.

I mean, it’s not painful. But you know. Difficulty :)

Link to a thread I started to gauge interest in a Founding Fathers forum game: Judging interest in a Founding Fathers forum game.

@CF_Kane is considering a game of John Company:

John Company - Forum Game

This sounds like it will be a perfect forum game:

Hey guys! New member here :D

It seems that you play mafia/werewolf/similar games every now and then, is that correct?

Is this where you usually plan those games and/or do you have a Discord server?

Usually here.

We’ve been quiet since our normal GMs have life stuff. I personally know it’s been chaotic as there is a bunch of life stuff eating at me, related to family moving cross country issues.

Would folks be interested in me running a forum game of Blood Rage? I’m thinking more or less the format I used for Kemet (i.e. tracking in Tabletop Simulator, w/ screenshots and game state roundups as needed in the thread, image galleries for card hands, that kinda thing) but I’m sure there will be a few adjustments needed. The mod I would be using has all the content (at least as of 2018), including the Gods, Mystics, KS Monsters and fifth player addon, but I could fairly easily remove any of the above if people feel strongly about them.

Experience not required. (I certainly haven’t played it, which is one reason I want to see how it runs). Looking for at least three players (not including me as I will be facilitating), four would be better, five can be accomodated but since the fifth player was an addon I don’t know how that changes the dynamics.

Is this a full forum game (no need to track anything on the player side outside of the forum)? If so, denifitely count me in (standard European time zone disclaimer applies).

That’s the plan. I know some people like to set up a mirror game IRL to help them keep track of stuff but I don’t have the table space and don’t want to expect other people to either.

I don’t usually spend time in this thread but I just wanted to welcome you to Qt3!

@Knightsaber is starting another round of Battlestar Galactica. Come join us, we need one more player.

No we don’t?

My bad, apparently I fail at reading…

I’m quite busy at the time so I can’t run anything, but if anyone wants the image files for Deception: Murder in Hong Kong just send me a PM.

Well, I’m done with jury service and life appears to be back to normal. So I could run another forum game (BSG, Republic of Rome, something else?) if anyone’s interested.

I would definitely play RoR again. Thanks for offering!

Anyone interested in a PBEM Vassal game of the new 4th edition of High Frontier? Rulebooks and Vassal module are posted on the draft Kickstarter site. I’m thinking a full Core game (basically the colonization game from HF3e with just the Support module–no Colonists, Bernals, Freighters, Futures, or GW Thrusters.)

I’ll be interested, but I think I’d like the full game (core + modules 0,1 and 2)

The previous forum game of High Frontier 2.5 (2nd edition with quite developed loving rules) was epic.

Without the exponential escalation of purple cards the game loses something…

I don’t know the game, but I’d love to lurk and watch one.

Ok, yeah that sounds good. I think we need at least one more person though.