The General Aviation Thread

There is also (theoretically) a competition ongoing to create a candidate for a next-generation hypersonic Air Force One evolution - Boom, Hermeus, Exosonic…

It’s a start for some accountability.

Pucker Factor escalated real quick. These guys were thisclose to dying

Pennsylvania wastewater could supply 40% of US lithium demand.

Apparently, in the process of shale fracking, they pull up lithium in the wastewater. Like, a lot. Supposedly, if they can extract it from the water efficiently, the wastewater alone could supply 40% of US lithium needs. Also, you know, not dunno a bunch of lithium into the environment. So that’s nice.

Instead they’ll probably just funnel it into our drinking water…

This was meant to be in the science is awesome thread, sorry… Not really plane related!

Well, there are electric planes, and they probably use lithium…

On the plus side, think about the decrease in bipolar episodes!



Plus we’ll be well on our way to becoming human batteries!

Always wear your seat belt when you are in your seat. But especially over areas of large uplift, like a warm ocean.

Not the first death due to turbulence in recent times, either, from what I noticed.

Warmer temperatures means more severe uplift… that’s not a danger in the near future, according to the state of Florida!

They’ll have to replace the dog in the fire meme with a dog underwater meme soon enough.

That’s how you put out fires! Vote for Ron DeSantis, he’s a proven problem solver/burier.

Disney Underwater Adventures, opening soon

Nice, I loved that movie as a kid.


I antiipate UFO sightings coming in 3,2,1…