The general Everything in Arizona is Horrible thread

It just seems like Arizona is more and more becoming the concentrated version of everything going to hell in this country, so why not put it all here so it can serve as one big, depressing dose of damned misery.

So I’ll kick it off with this one, ‘Please don’t shoot me:’ Girl, nine, begged for her life before she and her father were shot dead by ‘anti-immigrant vigilantes’.

So much in that story, this shit is unbelievable:

They then burst into the house. The man told Mr Flores: ‘Don’t take this personal, but this bullet has your name on it.’

He then opened fire, hitting Mrs Gonzalez in the shoulder and leg.
Her husband was hit multiple times before the gunman turned to her daughter.
She described hearing the murderer reload his weapon as he ignored Brisenia’s pleas for mercy and then open fire.

Oh, but surely Ms. Forde covered her tracks. Oh wait:

Forde was arrested shortly after the shooting. She had Mrs Gonzalez’s wedding ring and other jewellery, according to police.

Sure seems like a crazy lady. If only this could have been somehow prevented…

Forde allegedly funded her by group by robbing the houses of suspected drug dealers. When she reportedly proposed one such raid to two potential accomplices, they phoned the FBI - who did nothing because they believed the suggestion was too ludicrous to be true.


Yes, probably “much” of it, aside from the eyewitness account. That woman is very probably going to the chair.

Jaysus. In the FBI’s defense, how can you be blamed when one idiot finally does what five million idiots have yapped about around the campfire?


Eye witnesses? Bah! What does CSI say about the crime?

If the people are fucked up, at least the legal system is working, right?

Also, the death of a 9 year old girl is a terrible thing to waste. Seeing people use this story to their political advantage is really disgusting. If people are willing to break into a house to kill people for their immigration status, shouldn’t we question their mental health rather than their political position?

Sometimes the two are the same.

Cases like this always make me wonder if anyone committing them should be jailed, rather than given psychiatric help.

If you’re inclined to be merciful, sure. I’d rather be crazy than fully cognizant of the fact that I’d murdered a child.

I think.

Fallout: Arizona. Happening now!

You got answered right here:

And this is one of those times.

Pre-existing Thread.

Shawna Forde is an evil person no doubt but her brand of crazy insane is a product of a terrible childhood (surprise) and a narcissistic personality disorder not as a result of Arizona per se.

That she found like-minded individuals willing to indulge her worst fantasies is, of course, fully, on Arizona.

Arizona spends $67 million to change course names… nearly the same amount Gov Jan Brewer wanted to cut from the budget - including transplants.

Sounds like bureaucratic ass-covering bullshit. Falsely inflating the cost of a proposed change to avoid doing said change for whatever reason.

Last month, ASA released their own less-ludicrous estimate [pdf], citing similar programs in other states implemented for well under $1 million. I don’t always agree with ASA, but common numbering seems to be common sense, even if its benefits are relatively modest and the program is phased in over time. ABOR’s estimate, on the other hand, is evidence of the uncommon cost and craziness of institutional change

Even the pedophiles in Arizona are extra stupid and abhorrent.

The Heard Museum is really nice.

Also… Duane Akina? One of the most phenomenal human beings ever, even if he hadn’t coached multiple Thorpe Award winners.
Arizona is a perfect example of a state that should be ejected from the union.

A Palin/Arpaio ticket would be just too delicious.

He holds 21% of the GOP vote (your link gets it wrong by stating he lead by 21%), where roughly 25% of GOP voters are still undecided. His next two competitors each have 16-17%.

I am going to call this nothing to see as the man is a long ways away from becoming a Congressmen.