The General Magic the Gathering Thread

Derpy play there from the Golos player. He took the Krasis when he should’ve taken the Fabled Passage.

I imagine the timer gets into your head.

Javier was crazy lucky there with two land draws off the top, otherwise he’s stuck looking at uncastable Questing Beasts while Golos starts farming the Field. But sometimes, luck is a skill!

They get $75,000 USD a year as a salary, plus whatever prize winnings. I think their travel is paid to tournaments as well. It’s not peanuts, but it’s definitely not huge earnings.

The prize pool for these Mythics Championships is pretty solid, with the MC V’s total prize pool adding up to $750K:

Place Amount
1 $100,000
2 $50,000
3 $30,000
4 $20,000
5-8 $12,500
9-28 $10,000
29-68 $7,500
Total $750,000

Damn, Turn 3 Nissa is just not fair.

Yep, I was crazy wrong about Golos having trouble with the top 8, now it’s in the final. Jean Emmanuel did get lucky to dodge the aggro decks in the early matchups, but going through the food decks was no joke either and he did a fine job. Definitely rooting for Javier in the final, though…anything but Golos!

It took the entire 6 games, but finally the Gruul deck got the draw it needed. Congrats to Javier Dominguez!

Glad that Golos wasn’t the winner, but really impressive showing by Jean Emmanuel with that deck. May be the last time we see it, depending on what they do with the ban list tomorrow.

Guten Tag, Fields of the Dead.

I read the story novel for Throne of Eldraine. It’s really good, assuming you like the fairy-tale fantasy genre. I dislike Oko even more now, if that’s possible. And I’m sad that Linden didn’t get a better card because she’s pretty cool in the story.

Everyone who had 4 Fields (so, basically everyone) gets a nice 4 rare wildcard windfall today. That will definitely come in handy!

Also today, Brawl is an available format. To everyone using Oko as Commander, fuck you.

I just spent most of the afternoon playing around with the new Pioneer format on Xmage, and I’m feeling the pull to go buy some cards to build a real deck. Wish it was available on Arena!

Sure seems like Pioneer is set up to eventually merge with Arena’s Historic. All they have to do is add the entirety of the Pioneer-legal sets instead of just the small selection of “old” cards currently planned. Certainly a much easier lift than doing all of Modern!

Yeah, I understand why they’re not jumping in to implement all those cards right away. It would be a lot of work for an unproven format.

But they do seem to be going full steam ahead on it, with a bunch of upcoming competitions and prize money. Hopefully it makes it’s way to Arena sooner or later.

Took 'em long enough.

Daaaaaayum. Green finally got a long-overdue nerf.

Christmas came early!

I’ve got this weekend’s Mythic Championship on in the background while I wrap Christmas presents this afternoon. Ally Warfield has been featured in the last few rounds with her BG adventures deck and it’s been a fun watch. Just barely pulled out the last round win. I’m definitely pulling for her this weekend. Nice to see a fairly new player on the scene who is doing well, if a bit overwhelmed that she’s made it this far.

New set drops on Arena on Wednesday. Can’t wait to try out some of the new cards, especially this bad boy:

I’ve got visions of some sort of unholy Cat/sacrifice deck dancing in my head.

Just signed up for my local pre-release sealed event on the way home tonight. The first one runs at 3 PM on Friday, which is a huge improvement over the midnight events of the past. Going to do a two-headed giant event on Sunday, too.

Pre-release today went great, had about 30 folks at the 3 PM, and then the 7:30 PM event was a max capacity with over 70. They needed literally every play table in the store for that one, so my friends and I had to decamp to a home to play some after-event games.

Went 3-0 with a heavy black-some white deck that basically built itself from my rares and uncommons: Heliod, Elspeth Conquers Death, Nightmare Shepherd, Gravebreaker Lamia, Pharika’s Spawn, Tymaret, Banishing Light. Only drew Heliod in one game and never did make him a creature, but that didn’t matter with everything else going on. Escape can be just a brutal game swing, especially when you get something like Pharika’s Spawn that is huge and eats one of their guys. If you get a Gravebreaker Lamia and any sort of support for it, play it…4/4 lifelink that enables your best escape creature is amazing.