The General Magic the Gathering Thread

I assume this is the new Unhinged-type set? They always have the best full-art lands for some reason.

Sort of! Yes, in the sense it’s a silver-boarder UN set, but it’s not a full set - just some pre-cons with a few brand new cards, near as I can tell.

As Gavin V wrote on reddit, he deeply regrets not having room for the flavour text: “Who lives, who dies, who shells your story?”

I like that Island a lot, but the others are meh.

I like the swamp and forests. Plains and mountains are usually pretty boring, and this is no exception.

World Championship is this weekend, starting in a few hours. If you play on Arena, you can play with the decks in a free event that runs all weekend. Unfortunately the event is best of one so the aggro decks have a huge advantage, but hey, it’s free.

My guess is that the Fires decks will do really well. Possibly the Reclamations, too. Control is intriguing, but I think Fires and Reclamation both stack up well against it. It’s always possible that aggro will win, but I think that deck gets much weaker after sideboarding against all of the aforementioned archetypes. And then there’s the poor Cat-Oven deck, which is great against midrange decks that no one else is playing. Too bad, it’s my favorite to play, but in my experience all of the other decks are poor matchups.

Go go Strasky!

I still have a lot of fun with a cat-oven Rakdos sac deck. I haven’t checked, but I suspect that it’s win rate has gone way down since it’s heyday.


Yeah, lots of the big names out day 1. No repeat for Javier, no Mengucci. But Kanister is still in, with two match wins with his cat cooking. Which goes to show just how much my analysis is worth!

OK, top 4 is more like what I expected. Two Fires, one Azorius control, one red aggro. Happy to see none of the Reclamation decks made it, as I hate that deck.

Watching the finals now and it looks like Damo da Rosa has it locked up with his UW Control. Great metagame choice, he’s beaten Fires and aggro at every turn. Control was definitely better than I expected! He’s only lost one match in the entire weekend to this point.

Azorius Control is powerful, but you really have to know the meta and your sideboard game has to be strong.

Jeskai’s making this a helluva match!

I really want PVDDR to win, but Carvalho has certainly made an impressive stand. Forcing it to a deciding, final match is amazing. No matter what happens, it’s been very entertaining. And at least, up until now, no game has really been decided in the Grand Final by mana issues.

I thought when Carvalho whiffed pitching to that Cavalier of Flame, it was over. That Fires deck is showing something.

Unkeepable hand, there.

Holy cow, how can you not mulligan a hand with two blue lands and no blue cards? If Carvalho pulls this game out it’ll be a comeback for the ages after that start.

UW 4 Lyfe!!

Terrible final game, but Paulo deserved that win. It’s pretty incredible that it even went to that final deciding match, as well as he’d been playing.

Haha. No red mana. That’s what you get for playing Jeskai in a WU world! 😁

Amazing matches, I really enjoyed the entire tournament.